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Give More Love is Ringo Starr’s 19th solo album since The Beatles disbanded.
Give More Love picks up where his last studio album, 2015s Postcards From Paradise left off. Using many of the same musicians from his last album, and several from his current All Starr Tour, Ringo has returned with an album containing a few surprises. Getting a great deal of attention is the fact that Paul McCartney plays on two songs, the rocking “We’re On The Road Again” and the ballad “Show Me The Way”. McCartney and Starr have guested on each other’s albums several times going back to Starr’s Ringo album released in 1973. Although it is not a huge surprise, it is nice to hear the two Beatles playing together again and they sound fantastic.

Ringo teams up with former All Starrs, such as Peter Frampton and Joe Walsh, and even Dave Stewart makes a return. Ringo gets a chance to co-write with these artists, as well as Steve Lukather, a current member of The All Starrs.

Since 1997, Ringo has co-produced his albums. As with his last album, he is producing it on his own, and even had a hand in mixing it, with long time collaborator Bruce Sugar. Ringo has learned a great deal about production over the years, and this album sounds fantastic. Nostalgic, yet current, and the mix is perfect. This is quite an accomplishment when you are mixing some of rock’s legends playing together. Yet Ringo does, and the album sounds like a group project throughout.

The songs are what you would expect from Ringo, straight rock and roll and some ballads. Lyrically the songs range from peace anthems (one of the many highlights “Give More Love”), love songs (“Show Me The Way”) and autobiographical songs (“Electricity”).
A new release from Ringo is always worthy of a celebration, but what makes this album a little more special from his last album are the four bonus songs. A new version of “Back Off Boogaloo”, based on the original writing demo Ringo recently found when moving house. Along with Joe Walsh and Jeff Lynne, he has built a new version which also includes clever use of the original 1972 release. Ringo also works with the indie artist Vandaveer to record new versions of “Don’t Pass Me By” and “Photograph”. While neither top the originals, they are both fresh and vibrant and sound stunning. He also enlists Anglo-Swedish rockers Alberta Cross to record a new version of the obscure song “Can’t Fight Lightning”. Again, not as good as the original 1980 recording, but new and different life is breathed into the song and it is a welcome addition to Give More Love.

Ringo is 77, and currently touring and continues to issue a new album every other year. This year will also see the release of two older albums on vinyl. One, Bad Boy, has been out of print since 1978, and the other, I Wanna Be Santa Claus, has never been on vinyl.
GIVE MORE LOVE is a brilliant album.







First new CD in over 2 years includes two songs with #PAULMCCARTNEY!The album was recorded in his home studio in LA,features members from his current All Starr band, #paulmccartney #JoeWalsh, #EdgarWinter #SteveLukather #PeterFrampton #RichardMarx #GlenBallard #DaveStewart, #DonWas #TimothyBSchmit #GaryBurr and more. Ringo Co-wrote all tracks with all different friends, and 4 bonus tracks are re-workings of:Back Off Boogaloo, Don’t Pass Me By, You Can’t Fight Lightning & Photograph!



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Last night, renowned artists, world leaders and influencers joined international advocacy organization Global Citizen to announce major policy commitments to fight climate change, end HIV/AIDS, eradicate polio and other pandemics, empower women and girls and provide clean water for all at Global Citizen Live! World leaders took made over 23 million commitments and pledged over $214 million that is set to impact the lives of more than 215 million people worldwide.

Olivia Harrison presented Annie Lennox with the prestigious George Harrison Global Citizen Award for her humanitarian efforts for women and girls around the globe and to combat the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Following her acceptance speech, Lennox joined Dhani Harrison for a surprise performance of George Harrison’s “Isn’t it a Pity?”

Since 2012, Global Citizens have taken more than 11 million actions in the fight against extreme poverty. These actions have resulted in $30 billion in commitments from world leaders that are set to affect the lives of 1 billion people around the world. Global Citizen Week will serve as an opportunity to connect policymakers with the public and expand this community of active and engaged Global Citizens.


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#PaulMcCartney‏ account @PaulMcCartney
Happy Birthday, Eppy




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Brian Samuel Epstein (19 September 1934 – 27 August 1967) was who managed the Beatles. Epstein first discovered the Beatles in November 1961 during a lunchtime performance at The Cavern Club. He was instantly impressed and saw great potential in the group. Epstein was rejected by nearly all major recording companies in London, until he secured a meeting with George Martin, head of EMI’s Parlophone label. In May 1962, Martin agreed to sign the Beatles, partly because of Epstein’s conviction that the group would become internationally famous. The Beatles’ early success has been attributed to Epstein’s management style, and the band trusted him without hesitation. In addition to handling the Beatles’ business affairs, Epstein often stepped in to mediate personal disputes within the group. In 1997, Paul McCartney said, “If anyone was the Fifth Beatle, it was Brian.”

The predominant narrative of Beatles history gives insufficient credit to the role Epstein played in shaping the group’s image and preparing them for international adulation. He dressed them in tailored suits; fostered their songwriting; In the words of Beatles producer George Martin, he “gave them style, taste, and charm.” As Vivek Tiwary put it in The Fifth Beatle, his illustrated novel about Epstein, the manager “played the business as his instrument.” And he excelled in the role: “Brian was a passionate man who would not take ‘no’ for an answer on behalf of his lads, and that is how we got to hear the Beatles’ music,” said Andrew Loog Oldham, the Rolling Stones’ former manager, in a 2000 interview with rock journalist Harvey Kubernik.
Brian Epstein helped convince the world that the Beatles were the most special group that rock had ever known, even while he labored under the specter of a law that could ruin him at any moment.
“In many ways, the whole world is living out this visionary dream that Epstein had,” says Rolling Stone columnist Rob Sheffield, who recently released his acclaimed book Dreaming the Beatles. And yet, Sheffield observes, “The whole terror of the law that he had to live with, that nobody knew about in his lifetime and that I didn’t know about until recent years—he never knew what it was like to live his life without that.”


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It was a sentimental gift, bought at a charity auction with the blessing of The Beatles and legendary producer Sir George Martin.But now a highly sought after piece of Beatles memorabilia–an original Eleanor Rigby score penned by Sir George— has emerged as the subject of an extraordinary dispute involving relatives of the man he gifted it to. Colin Sanders, a world renowned musical entrepreneur and founder of the mixing console manufacturer Solid State Logic (SSL), is understood to have won the score from the band several years after the song’s release.

Now, however, the much cherished heirloom has become centre of a bizarre whodunit involving his widow, Dr Rosemary Sanders, and their adopted daughter, Terri-Louise. The controversy arose after the rare manuscript, signed by Sir George and Sir Paul McCartney, turned up for sale at an obscure Warrington-based auction house.

After learning of its disappearance, Dr Sanders contacted Omega Auctions, a specialist in music memorabilia, and claimed ownership.  The auction house was forced to pull the lot hours before it was due to go on auction.

The score is only of only two known to have been written by Sir George; the original was left to his daughter, Alexis Stratfold, when he died last year. It was until Monday advertised alongside a collection of rare Beatles memorabilia, and had been valued at £20,000. Dr Sanders has also alerted Thames Valley Police, which is now attempting to determine the manuscript’s true ownership and how it came to be consigned for sale.

When approached by The Daily Telegraph for comment, Dr Sanders said that the score had been won by her late husband at a charity auction and had been passed to her after his death in 1998 in a helicopter accident. “My late husband won it at a charity auction,” she said. “He knew Sir George well, they used to move in the same circles. They [The Beatles] would come to parties occasionally. “He went to Abbey Road as well, and of course some of the studio was fitted out by SSL.” A spokeswoman for Omega Auction confirmed that the score was no longer for sale. “Having been contacted by his widow, Dr Rosie Sanders, it is understood that she is the rightful owner of the score and has no wishes to part with it”. She revealed that the score had been consigned for sale by someone claiming to be Colin Sanders’ daughter Terri-Louise, adding that the auction house had understood that ‘Terri-Louise’ had inherited it from her father and was therefore entitled to sell it.

However when approached by The Daily Telegraph last night Ms Sanders denied any knowledge of the incident, saying she had never approached the auction house about any potential sale.
It is understood that Dr Sanders reported the incident to Thames Valley Police.  She declined to comment further, but said that the ordeal had been “distressing” for the family.’
A spokeswoman for Thames Valley Police said: “On 8 Sept we were called by a resident of Souldern near Bicester regarding  a dispute over of piece of music memorabilia. We are currently investigating this matter.”


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The story behind the new album, ‘Concrete and Gold,’ produced by Greg Kurstin. Watch to find out how Justin Timberlake became a part of the album along with many other guests: Paul McCartney.

Paul even makes an appearance on this new album. With Paul on drums, Taylor Hawkins takes lead vocals on “Sunday Rain”—which has more in common with John Lennon’s solo stuff—and his higher-yet-powerful voice offers a dynamic departure for the band.

Paul was even drafted in to play drums on Summer Rain, with Taylor Hawkins on vocals. Other notable guest appearances include Justin Timberlake on Make It Right. Also Weirder still Shawn Stockman from Boyz II Men makes a guest appearance on the album’s closing titular track.
“Concrete and Gold” By FOO FIGHTERS (Special Guest: PAUL MCCARTNEY) … AVAILABLE HERE.



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The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame will unveil one of the most stunning guitar exhibits in the museum’s history.

On Sept. 29, a wall-to-wall guitar gallery will take up space on the museum’s second floor previously occupied by the Johnny Cash Music Masters display. The gallery will feature 15 guitars from a mix of music legends and modern stars:

Here’s the full list of artists whose instruments are featured:

Jerry Garcia of Grateful Dead
Geddy Lee of Rush
Garry Tallent of the E Street Band
Bobby Womack
Eric Clapton
John Lennon
Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth
Link Wray
Rick Danko of the Band
Ryan Adams
Kim Deal of the Pixies
Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day
Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick
Mike Rutherford of Genesis
Tegan Quin of Tegan and Sara

The stories beyond each of the guitars are the stuff of music legend. For instance, Lee’s instrument uses the neck from his 1972 Hybrid Fender Jazz Bass that Rush used to record “Tom Sawyer.”

The display also features the acoustic guitar Clapton used to record his Grammy-winning song “Tears in Heaven.” The three-time Rock Hall inductee used the same guitar for his memorable 1992 “MTV Unplugged” performance.
Adams’ 1967 Gibson Southern Jumbo guitar was used on several of the musician’s most memorable albums. Armstrong’s 1956 Gibson Les Paul Junior is the instrument he played during Green Day’s “American Idiot” recording process.

Then there’s John Lennon’s 1965 Epiphone Casino guitar, which goes all the way back to the Beatles’ recording sessions for “Revolver,” arguably, the greatest album ever made.
The stories go on and on, as most of the guitars have been in the Rock Hall’s vault for quite some time and will now make their debut to visitors.


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Madison Square Garden – 17, September, 2017





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Paul’s One on One tour got off to a rousing start, as Bruce Springsteen and E Street vet Steven Van Zandt hopped on stage at Madison Square Garden on Friday night (Sept. 15).

Springsteen and Van Zandt joined in to jam for the encore — a rendition of “I Saw Her Standing There,” which they performed twice. The surprise appearance followed McCartney’s show closers “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” and “Helter Skelter,” the latter of which featured sweltering guitar work by Brian Ray, whose own group, The Bayonets, are regularly featured on Van Zandt’s SiriusXM Channel, Little Steven’s Underground Garage. It was date night for both Springsteen and Van Zandt, who attended with their wives Patti and Maureen.

Paul and Bruce at Madison Square Garden, last night. Photo: B.Gannon


Springsteen is set to debut his show, “Springsteen On Broadway,” at the Walter Kerr Theatre next month.

Paul will play the second of a two-night stand at MSG on Sunday (Sept. 17).

Watch fan video from the show below:





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Paul at Madison Square Garden, New york