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Ringo spoke to GQ about reuniting with Macca, recording a long-lost song written in mind for him by John Lennon, and an incessant attitude that preaches peace and love.

How does it feel putting out your 20th album?
Ringo: It’s far out, isn’t it? It’s my 20th album. I’m still making albums. We went from vinyl to CDs, and now it’s vinyls and CDs that are being sold. And I believe the kids are into cassettes.
It’s all coming back. You go into a store, and you’ll never find a CD but you’ll see cassettes and vinyl.
I must go out again. I want to find the cassette shop. I only got rid of my cassettes like three years ago and now it’s coming back.

How do you continue to find new things to say musically? At a certain point, did you ever think you said everything you wanted to say?
No. If I felt like that, I would have made one record. On this record, we mention peace and love at least four times, so I’m promoting peace and love on the record. But I’m having a bit of fun with rock and roll and we have a great ballad. I also write with other people on this one. If you backtrack to the other records, there’s usually ten tracks that I’ve written with someone else, this one has five. There’s also a cover of an old song, “Money (That’s What I Want).” I wanted to record “Money” and I wanted to do it my way. That’s the joy of making your own record: We wanted to do it, so we did.

Bob Dylan once said all songs were already written and floating around the universe, and it’s up to the songwriter to capture them and write them down. Do you agree with that?
Well, in many ways I really understand what he’s saying. But all we need is one line and then we can write a song. Once I put a baseball cap on backwards and went to an event in Los Angeles and the cap said “Life is good.” Because of that, they sent me a t-shirt and a book and a lot of stuff. So anyway, I’m sitting in my room with (co writer) Gary Burr (trying to write a song) and we don’t have anything. Nothing. It’s not coming out of the air. We’re just like… I don’t know. But I happen to look at the coffee table and a book was on there that said “Life is good,” and we then we wrote a song from that. We need to just get a kick, and then we can finish any song.

Throughout your career, you could have conveyed any message you’d wanted to. But the message you chose, the one you still promote, is of peace and love.
Well, the other side of that story is “Back off, bugaloo!” [Laughs.]

In a recent interview you said, “This is why I love life, things just arrive.” Do you feel like things are predestined?
In a way, yes. But I also feel that every day is a good day, but I can drag it down. I live a life now that if I’m in a great space and having a good day, I think that it will go on forever. And if I’m on a bummer, I’ll say, “This too shall pass.” I try to be honest through the day. But sometimes, things don’t work out. Sometimes something happens and your plan gets changed. Somebody told me, which was great: “It’s great to have plans, but when they change, don’t get upset.” But what about me, I’m going to miss the flight! Okay, so get the next one! All of your cryin’ and moanin’ is not gonna stop the plane from taking off.

It seems like you know what’s truly important to you. Where does that instinct come from?
I think you get it by living life. I feel I’ve always been more of an optimist than a pessimist, and so there’s always a donkey in the room. [Laughs.] You know, you grow old and you go through certain experiences. I think the ‘60s and the introduction of… well now they’re not even legal anymore, but medications. And [people like psychedelic drug proponent] Timothy Leary.. things like that open your mind.

There’s a close to a Beatles reunion as we’re ever going to get on What’s My Name with Paul McCartney playing bass on a song called “Grow Old With Me,” which John Lennon wrote with you in mind. I understand you didn’t even know of Lennon’s demo until recently?
I didn’t find it till this year. I never heard about it, never knew about it. I was really emotional when Jack Douglas, the producer who produced John, mentioned it to me. He said, “Have you heard what they call The Bermuda Tapes?” I said, “No, I don’t have a copy.”

At the beginning (of the demo, you can hear John say), “Oh, this would be good for Richard Starkey… this would be great for you, Ring!” When I first heard that, I did get a little emotional to hear his voice mentioning my name, because I’m an emotional guy. Anyway, he recorded all the other tracks, but this track he hadn’t recorded. He’d done a demo, that’s all and I had never heard of the song, and had no awareness of it at all. But I thought that it was a beautiful song. I decided I was going to do it and thought it was really important.

How did Paul get involved?
I did the vocals first and then I wanted real friends to come and play with me. I thought the only guy who could really play bass on this for me was Paul . And Paul happened to be coming into town. I said, “I’ve done this song I just found and I’d love for you to play bass.” He said, “Sure, okay.” And that’s how I got Paul: I asked him and he said yes. He is the most melodic player, I love playing with him. He played beautiful and then he sang with me, that was nice too. (But) he’s been on five or six on my albums, so it’s not like the only time he’s ever played with me.

Your new book, Another Day in the Life, mostly features photos you took with your iPhone.
I just love taking pictures. I have a nice collection of cameras and in the ‘60s I was using a lot of fish eye and prism lenses. I liked to see where you could take it with the lenses. There’s a great picture in the book of George (Harrison) that I took with a prism lens on the Magical Mystery Tour. Sometimes you want to get artsy with them, and other times you just want to take a picture. You see a bug on the floor, you take a picture.

You were also a very early adopter of selfies. You took a selfie in a mirror in the ‘60s.
Yes, I did. I’m the first man ever to take a selfie. Ever!



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It was part of Kelley’s bucket list to visit as many places as possible and it all happened by chance
A house where John Lennon used to live as a child has now been converted into an AirBnB and guests can soon stay there.

The Grade II listed building on Allerton Road was owned by George Smith, the husband of John Lennon’s Aunt Mimi.

John stayed at the home as an infant with his mother, Julia and after his mother’s death would frequently visit the house and his family.
Kelley Kupfer – who is from America – bought the property on Allerton Road, Woolton by chance after wanting to fulfil a bucket list after a severe illness.
The retired nurse suffered from a brain tumour a number of years ago which left her blind for nine months and affected her speech.

As part of her bucket list, the 60-year-old went on a guided tour and shortly afterwards was told to meet Jackie Spencer – a Beatles expert in Liverpool.

Kelley said: “This journey started for me three years ago and illness which took me a very long time to recover from and initially I lost my sight and it took nine months to get my sight back.
“My speech was much worse and I would sound like a broken record and say the same thing over and over again.As I was recovering those same things got better and my eyesight came back at that time I said to my husband I don’t know if this is going to happen again or what the future holds but I would really like to embark on fulfilling my bucket list. So that’s how it all began I wanted to go back to places I had been and always wanted to go back to and wanted to visit places that I hadn’t been or wanted to visit.”
After a guided tour of Liverpool’s top Beatle’s hotspots, Kelley wondered why nobody had started an AirBnB to let people into the homes.

It was then in 2016 the property went on the market for a cool £325,000 with Whitegate’s Woolton branch and the 60-year-old snapped it up. She added: “I was flabbergasted no one has jumped on that and opened one [AirBnB] up.

“The closest thing to it was the Hard Days Night and it is not a true connection – but don’t get me wrong I stayed there many times. “This just came up and if I had not been so ill, I would never have gone on my travels I would never have come to Liverpool likely and I would certainly never have entertained the thought of purchasing a property here.But it was because of that and going through something like that, that your whole perception of life changes.I never thought I would ever meet John’s family and they wanted to visit – they hadn’t been here in nearly 50 years.”
Now in a huge restoration, Kelley has transformed the Grade II listed building with the help of Jackie and Lennon’s family – cousin, David Birch and sister, Julia Baird.

Despite not being a particular fan of the Beatles, the retired nurse has filled the house with carefully thought memorabilia and some never seen before pictures provided by Lennon’s family.
The furniture also is set in the way The Beatles’ family had it when they lived there with frames and plaques to explain the artifacts placed around the home.

In the back garden there is also a soundproof recording studio, where bands and artists can record their songs or just want to chill out and play some tunes.
The rooms have also been given titles after family members names who lived there.

Kelley said: “Naively after the purchase had gone through I was sitting in the States and I thought I was going to throw a bit of paint on the walls and gets some new furniture and rent it out and put it on Trip Advisor. “But as soon as I walked through the door – I was stunned and I thought what have I gotten myself into? But it has become a labour of love and has been my baby – I couldn’t have done it without John’s family and their blessing.”

The home will be listed on Host So Simple – a AirBnB Management in Liverpool in the next couple of days. However, the house will not be taking bookings until later this year.



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The Beatles’ have announced a new boxset entitled The Beatles: The Singles Collection, which remasters 46 of their classic singles on 23 seven-inch vinyls. Each of these records hosts classic sleeve arts from some countries, which will make it stand out for the band’s many vintage collectors. The Beatles continue to be the best-selling band in history with over 800 million albums worldwide.

The Beatles: The Singles Collection

1962 [sleeve art: U.S.]

Love Me Do
P. S. I Love You

1963 [sleeve art: Italy]

Please Please Me
Ask Me Why

1963 [sleeve art: Norway]

From Me To You
Thank You Girl

1963 [sleeve art: Greece]

She Loves You
I’ll Get You

1963 [sleeve art: Chile]

I Want To Hold Your Hand
This Boy

1964 [sleeve art: Austria]

Can’t Buy Me Love
You Can’t Do That

1964 [sleeve art: Holland]

A Hard Day’s Night
Things We Said Today

1964 [sleeve art: Sweden]

I Feel Fine
She’s A Woman

1965 [sleeve art: Spain]

Ticket To Ride
Yes It Is

1965 [sleeve art: Belgium]

I’m Down

1965 [double A-side / sleeve art: France]

We Can Work It Out
Day Tripper

1966 [sleeve art: Turkey]

Paperback Writer

1966 [double A-side / sleeve art: Argentina]

Eleanor Rigby
Yellow Submarine

1967 [double A-side / sleeve art: Australia]

Strawberry Fields Forever
Penny Lane

1967 [sleeve art: West Germany]

All You Need Is Love
Baby, You’re A Rich Man

1967 [sleeve art: Mexico]

Hello, Goodbye
I Am The Walrus

1968 [sleeve art: Japan]

Lady Madonna
The Inner Light

1968 [sleeve art: South Africa]

Hey Jude

1969 [sleeve art: Denmark]

Get Back
Don’t Let Me Down

1969 [sleeve art: Portugal]

The Ballad Of John And Yoko
Old Brown Shoe

1969 [sleeve art: Israel]

Come Together

1970 [sleeve art: UK]

Let It Be
You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)

1995 / 1996 [exclusive double A-side single / sleeve art: worldwide]

Free As A Bird [1995] Real Love [1996]


USA … H E R E .

UK …   H E R E .


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Woody Harrelson, actor stopped by The Ellen Show, where he opened up about his summer vacation when he visited George‘s widow Olivia.
“We were with Olivia Harrison. It’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. She’s one of the greatest people,” Woody explained.
He continued, “And then she lent me a suit because I had to go to Wimbledon and I didn’t have a suit. So I wore this blue suit that was George Harrison‘s suit. Fit exactly!”

Video… Here or Here: