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The letter John wrote to Cynthia, urging her to stop talking to the press about their romance and split, has sold at auction for over $30,000 (GBP23,100). The note, in which John dismisses rumours Yoko Ono ended his marriage in 1968, sold as part of an RR Auction online event.
A second letter, written to the editor of an unidentified magazine on the same day, urging him or her to print John’s side of the story following the publication of excerpts of Cynthia’s book in the News of the World was also part of the auction prize, which was expected to go under the hammer for $10,000 (GBP7,700).



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Paul spent the afternoon (saturday) with step-son Arlen Blakeman, at Vilebrequin in East Hampton
Paul with Arlen walking in the Big Apple. Arlen- whose father is American politician Bruce Blakeman – looked equally pleased to be spending time with his step-dad.



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A statue of the Beatles in the Mongolian capital of Ulaanbaatar could be at risk amid an alleged land grab, protesters say, as rapid development turns a city once famed for wide open spaces into a cluttered metropolis.
Residents are protesting against plans to build commercial properties in an area known as Beatles Square, where a bronze bas-relief monument to the “Fab Four” commemorates the former Soviet satellite’s transition to democracy in 1990.
“For a long time there were stories about construction on the land, but nobody wanted to believe it,” said Tsoggerel Uyanga, a community organizer and senior partner at research group MAD Investment Solutions.
The monument, erected in 2008 with donations from politicians, businessmen and artists, marks the site where Mongolians gathered to talk about banned Western pop music and soon became a quirky tourist attraction.
The music of the Beatles, Abba, and other Western pop groups helped launch the “Rock and Roll Communist Revolution” that inspired a generation to fight for Mongolian democracy thirty years ago.

The protests began after an August 2 announcement that construction work would start, with residents calling the project a “land grab” and expressing fears the Beatles statue could be moved or even demolished.
Authorities have defended the development as part of a “car-free street” project to build an underground shopping complex complete with street gardens. A lawyer for Mongolia’s National Construction Association said there were no plans to remove the Beatles statue, however. “By implementing the project, there are a great deal of advantages, such as increasing jobs and reducing traffic congestion,” said D. Uuganbayar, the lawyer.
The national association, the city government and a private contractor called “Buti” are leading the project.
The strain on Ulaanbaatar’s infrastructure has forced the city to rethink its planning of urban spaces, and drawn criticism for the sale of public land to wealthy buyers.


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The Satsang Hall of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ashram in Rishikesh  in 2012
The legendary musicians — John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr — stayed in the ashram

To boost tourism, the Uttarakhand Tourism department is contemplating a Beatles’ museum at ‘Chaurasi Kutia’, the abandoned ashram of spiritual Guru Maharshi Mahesh Yogi at Rishikesh, where members of the world famous rock band The Beatles stayed in.

Uttarakhand Tourism Minister Satpal Maharaj, announced on Tuesday that Uttarakhand Tourism department would develop a Beatles’ Museum at Rishikesh.

The move was probably inspired by The Beatles’ Story museum at Liverpool in England from where the members hailed. The Beatles’ Story, located in a two-storey building, is a major tourist draw.

The Beatles Story is also celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Beatles’ visit to India and Rishikesh next year.

“A team from The Beatles Story had visited Rishikesh sometime back to finalise their programmes slated for next year,” said Raju Gusian, a Beatles’ fan and journalist who helped the team.

The Rishikesh ashram situated in the Rajaji National Park was thrown open to tourists in 2015 by the Uttarakhand forest department, attracting thousands of visitors. The forest department now charges an entry fee from each tourist for their visit to the ‘ashram’. Each foreign tourist is charged Rs 600 and Indians have to pay Rs 150 per head. More than 10,000 tourists visited the ashram where the Fab Four composed songs for their iconic albums like Abbey Road, Let it Be and The White Album.

The Beatles, an English rock band, stayed here in 1968 for an advanced transcendental meditation (TM) training session under spiritual guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The legendary musicians — John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr — stayed in the ashram.

Unused for more than a decade after the lease of the spiritual guru expired in 2000, the ashram is being developed as an eco-tourism destination and a pilgrimage place for Beatles fans.

The bungalow of Mahesh Yogi, where the Beatles stars learnt meditation, would be a major attraction. The walls have been covered by graffiti on Beatles and Mahesh Yogi to remind the visitors of the significance of the place.

Mahesh Yogi was allocated 15 acre of forest land near Rishikesh for his ashram in 1961.The Indian spiritual guru became an international name after the four singers toured India to learn meditation in February 1968.

The Beatles boys came to Rishikesh for a three- month course, but none of them completed it. Ringo was the first to leave after only 10 days. Paul stayed for five weeks while John and George left after eight weeks.