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The chauffeur who drove Beatle John Lennon around in his famous psychedelic Rolls-Royce has died aged 86.

Former Welsh Guards soldier Les Anthony had been suffering from Alzheimer’s, said his family.
His job ended in 1971 when Lennon moved to New York with Yoko Ono.

Son Melvin, 63, said: “My father had some funny times. He told me that John Lennon used to answer the door naked.
“But my father didn’t care, at the end of the day you are employed by them. He said it was because they were hippies and were free living.”

Les, who was 6ft 4in, became a pal of Beatles drummer Ringo Starr but did not get on with Paul McCartney “because he thought he was tight with money”, said Melvin, of Chertsey, Surrey.
Les would drive John to London from the star’s Kenwood estate, in Weybridge, Surrey.

In 1965 John submitted an order for the “most exclusive” Rolls-Royce model.
John passed his UK driving test in 1965 when he was 25, but had never driven a vehicle, preferring instead to employ one of two chauffeurs, Les and Bill Corbett.

Six-foot-four Les was also used as a bodyguard for the Beatles due to his army experience and tall build.

John’s chauffeur, Les Anthony on 25 May 1967 displaying John’s psychedelic Rolls-Royce Phantom V, newly decorated with dahlias and delphiniums in a £1,000 respray depicting the flowers of autumn. The car is parked in front of Kenwood, John and Cynthia’s house in St George’s Hill, Weybridge, Surrey.



John and Cyntia were leaving Brian Epstein’s memorial service with Les Anthony.

Les worked for Lennon until he moved to New York with Yoko Ono in 1971.

Rest in peace Les.


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This is a rarely-seen clip of John & Yoko performing an acoustic version of ‘Oh Yoko’ with press agent Derek Taylor at the Sheraton Oceanus Hotel, Freeport, Bahamas, 51 years ago today on 25 May 1969.


Video… Visit Here


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John Lennon 1980: The Last Days in the Life. The new title, from Beatles historian Kenneth Womack, arrives October 29, via Omnibus Press.
From the book’s announcement: “Lennon’s final pivotal year would climax in unforgettable moments of creative triumph as he rediscovered his artistic self in dramatic fashion. With the bravura release of the Double Fantasy album with wife Yoko Ono, Lennon was poised and ready for an even brighter future, only to be wrenched from the world by an assassin’s bullets.
“Drawing on new interviews, the book is an informative, engaging and often deeply moving portrayal of the final chapter in Lennon’s remarkable life.”



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John asked for Daimler’s premium luxury motorcar, one of stature, and grace. The Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman was the reply.

He called up Mercedes-Benz and asked them for a special order, he asked for Daimler’s premium luxury motorcar, one of stature, grace, and Apache helicopter levels of weight – the Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman.

This specific elongated model is one of the rarest ’70s Mercedes’ of all time with only 428 examples ever produced, and most of them for VIPs. Lennon’s was taken very seriously by the team from Stuttgart and they gave him free rein to spec it and custom order all the important bits.
The seats – are a beautiful black crushed velvet from front to rear, coating nearly the entire interior. His dwelling quarters in the rear were accented with the finest inlaid wood trim and a Phillips record player to listen to the music of his choice. The exterior is painted the most elegant shade of creamy swan white. After 3 years he was ready to let it serve George Harrison. He happily purchased the luxo-barge from John and enjoyed it for another 2 years before selling it to, you guessed it, another celebrity.

Mary Wilson of The Supremes bought it from George in 1975 and actually used for her tours with the group for the next several years. You can imagine after 3 people such as Lennon, Harrison, and Wilson had owned it, that it accrued some pretty wild miles on the odometer, so naturally, it was restored at the next available moment by the following owner.

It was sent back to Germany at Mercedes-Benz and completely restored by the same mechanics and artists that originally built it who then gave it back to the owner in Finland. So there it sat for many many years until John`s stuff was old enough to go on sale.

Surprisingly enough, at a 2006 auction, the restored 600 Pullman failed to meet its reserve price of almost $290,000 and now it most likely remains in the same owner’s garage.


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In one of the most iconic interviews of all time, John Lennon once let rip at the Mick Jagger, slagged off Paul McCartney, and, amidst it all, picked his favourite Beatles album of all time. It makes for quite possibly one of the most iconic conversations in pop culture history.

In a 1971 interview with Rolling Stone, in which he lashed out at Mick Jagger for copying the Beatles revolutionary sound as well as making remarks about the Fab Four in the press, John also shared his views on The Beatles.

In fact, during the interview, Lennon made repeated cutting comments about his former bandmates and, it has to be remembered, took aim at his songwriting partner Paul McCartney with an unrelenting sense of animosity. However, he wasn’t going to let Jagger have his own free hit at The Beatles.

He concluded by saying: “I was always very respectful about Mick and the Stones, but he said a lot of sort of tarty things about the Beatles, which I am hurt by, because you know, I can knock the Beatles, but don’t let Mick Jagger knock them.”

John picked 1968’s The White Album, I always preferred it to all the other albums, including Pepper, because I thought the music was better. The Pepper myth is bigger, but the music on the White Album is far superior, I think.”


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The Shining is Stephen King’s masterwork of horror, its title and powers inspired by a song by John Lennon, and perhaps referenced in Doctor Sleep.
The Shining is Stephen King’s masterwork of horror, which makes peace-loving John Lennon’s influence on the novel all the more shocking. Not only is The Shining one of King’s most respected and well-known works, but it’s also one of his scariest, and it’s hard to imagine how a John Lennon song had such a profound impact on it.

The Shining is one of Stephen King’s most respected and well-known works, and it’s no secret King is inspired by music. In fact, he often quotes song lyrics as epigraphs at the beginnings of his books. In interviews, King has shared how he listens to music while he writes his books. Although he does this mostly for his own entertainment, sometimes a particular song or lyric will find its way into his work, and in this case, it was a John Lennon song. Some of his more accessible songs had catchy beats and lyrics that made them into big hits. Today, perhaps John’s most well-known song is “Imagine”, but that is not the only popular song he produced as a solo-artist that had an important impact on popular culture, including the song that inspired one of King’s most famous horror book.
“Instant Karma” is one of John Lennon’s most popular songs, and its lyrics played a major role in Stephen King’s The Shining. A repeated line in the song is “we all shine on”, used in the refrain. This phrase inspired King to call the psychic ability some of the characters in his novel posses, including the young Danny Torrance, “the shining.” King was then going to call the book The Shine, but after someone pointed out to him that the term was sometimes used as an insult against black people, he changed it to The Shining. Either way, the title of the book and powers came from Lennon’s song.
Sadly, Stanley Kubrick’s movie version of The Shining does not contain any reference to John Lennon or his music, but there is a connection in Stephen King’s long-awaited sequel, Doctor Sleep. King often includes easter eggs in his novels, with references to other parts of the King Universe, and Doctor Sleep is no exception. In The Shining sequel, a grown-up Danny Torrance once again begins to have some disturbing encounters related to his “shine” power.
At one point, Danny Torrance in Doctor Sleep hears the Beatles song “Not a Second Time.” This, of course, is a direct reference to his fear of having to go through more ghostly terror similar to what he experienced as a child at the Overlook Hotel. However, this is also a connection to Beatles member John Lennon. It’s possible that King included this as a nod to his original inspiration for The Shining.