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Ringo and his All Starr Band set to launch a new U.S. tour next week with a Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, Ringo has announced plans to pay tribute to the victims of the recent mass shooting in the city. Ringo has dedicated the group’s first Vegas show, which takes place October 13, to the shooting victims, and also will make a donation to them from his Lotus Foundation charity.

Ringo and the All Starr Band will play a total of eight shows at Planet Hollywood through October 28, and then will move on to a variety of venues across the country, winding things down on November 16 in Newark, New Jersey.

The group’s lineup, which has remained constant for the last several years, features Todd Rundgren, ex-Santana and Journey member Gregg Rolie, Toto‘s Steve Lukather, Mr. Mister‘s Richard Page, Warren Ham, and Gregg Bissonette.

During the trek, Ringo will be promoting his new solo album, Give More Love, which was released last month. The record features guest artists including Paul McCartney, Joe Walsh, Lukather, Peter Frampton, Richard Marx, Timothy B. Schmidt, Dave Stewart, Benmont Tench, Don Was, and Edgar Winter.

In other news, Ringo is selling signed prints of 12 images that are featured his 2013 book, Photograph. The limited-edition, large-format, high-quality pics include vintage photos that Ringo took of his Beatles band mates. Proceeds raised from sales of the prints will benefit the Lotus Foundation.

Here are all of Ringo and the All Starr Band’s upcoming tour dates:

10/13-14, 17, 20-21, 24, 27-28 — Las Vegas, NV, Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino
10/30 — El Paso, TX, Albert Chavez Theatre
10/31 — Austin TX, Moody Theater
11/2 — Sugarland, TX, Smart Sugarland Civic Center
11/3 — Irving, TX, The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory
11/4 — Thackerville, OK, Global Events Center at Winstar
11/7-8 — Fort Lauderdale, FL, Parker Playhouse
11/11 — Atlanta, GA, Fox Theater
11/12 — Norfolk, VA, ODU Pavilion
11/14 — Morristown, NJ, Mayo Performing Arts enter
11/15 — New York City, NY, Beacon Theatre
11/16 — Newark, NJ, New Jersey Performing Arts Center




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Most drummers recognise this. “Define ‘best drummer in the world’,” Dave Grohl said in a tribute video for Starr’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame presentation. “Is it someone that’s technically proficient? Or is it someone that sits in the song with their own feel? Ringo was the king of feel.”
What this means is that many of Ringo’s best performances go unnoticed. These are beats designed to enhance the song rather than show off the drummer’s abilities. Take She Loves You, the song that kicked off Beatlemania. Ringo’s brief introductory tom roll is the shot of adrenaline that gets the heart of the song thumping; it is teen mania in sound, and one of the most important drum rolls in recorded music history.

On Can’t Buy Me Love, Ringo’s drumming is the primal force that drives the song’s hormonal energy, all whipcrack snare and

floor-tom bombast, wrapped up in Ringo’s signature sound: a wall-of-sound hi-hat thrash that sounds like five drummers at once. His drumming here is not complicated but – as numerous live versions of the song attest – it is lethally exact with not a note out of place.

Consider Tomorrow Never Knows, one of the most influential Beatles songs. How would it sound without Ringo’s beautifully lopsided breakbeat, his unexpected twitching snare pattern emphasising the song’s feel of psychedelic discombobulation? How would Strawberry Fields Forever feel without Ringo’s fantastically weary tom fills, which seems to drag the listener down into John’s nostalgia?

Some people consider Ringo to be a terrible drummer because he doesn’t play solos. But who, apart from other drummers,really enjoys a solo? Ringo knew this and for years resisted all attempts to get him to play them, eventually giving in for the 15-second break on Abbey Road’s The End. It has an understated funky charm and when it turned up on Beastie Boys’ The Sounds of Science 20 years later, it was hard to resist a smile.

In fact The Sounds of Science, which also borrows Ringo’s strident drum beat from Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band (Reprise), shows just how funky Ringo’s drums could be when recontextualised. One producer who understood this well was Danger Mouse, whose 2004 release The Grey Album married Jay-Z’s The Black Album to the Beatles’ LP The Beatles to wonderful effect. Ringo’s breakbeats are a key tool in making the album fly, whether chopped up for their unique timbre or used straight for their head-down funk.

The Chemical Brothers also borrowed the shape of the Tomorrow Never Knows beat for both Setting Sun and Let Forever Be, while J Dilla sampled Starr’s 1974 solo song Occapella on In the Streets. Other Ringo solo songs that prove the funk didn’t end when the Beatles split include the lolling glam funk of Back Off Boogaloo, the irresistible disco-ish stomp of Oh My My and the rolling percussive waves of It Don’t Come Easy, which has the added bonus of supporting an absolutely fantastic tune.
Ringo Starr : a masterful drummer, genius with a rhythmic powerhouse. If you don’t get Ringo, then you’re only getting three quarters of the Beatles.




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Give More Love is Ringo Starr’s 19th solo album since The Beatles disbanded.
Give More Love picks up where his last studio album, 2015s Postcards From Paradise left off. Using many of the same musicians from his last album, and several from his current All Starr Tour, Ringo has returned with an album containing a few surprises. Getting a great deal of attention is the fact that Paul McCartney plays on two songs, the rocking “We’re On The Road Again” and the ballad “Show Me The Way”. McCartney and Starr have guested on each other’s albums several times going back to Starr’s Ringo album released in 1973. Although it is not a huge surprise, it is nice to hear the two Beatles playing together again and they sound fantastic.

Ringo teams up with former All Starrs, such as Peter Frampton and Joe Walsh, and even Dave Stewart makes a return. Ringo gets a chance to co-write with these artists, as well as Steve Lukather, a current member of The All Starrs.

Since 1997, Ringo has co-produced his albums. As with his last album, he is producing it on his own, and even had a hand in mixing it, with long time collaborator Bruce Sugar. Ringo has learned a great deal about production over the years, and this album sounds fantastic. Nostalgic, yet current, and the mix is perfect. This is quite an accomplishment when you are mixing some of rock’s legends playing together. Yet Ringo does, and the album sounds like a group project throughout.

The songs are what you would expect from Ringo, straight rock and roll and some ballads. Lyrically the songs range from peace anthems (one of the many highlights “Give More Love”), love songs (“Show Me The Way”) and autobiographical songs (“Electricity”).
A new release from Ringo is always worthy of a celebration, but what makes this album a little more special from his last album are the four bonus songs. A new version of “Back Off Boogaloo”, based on the original writing demo Ringo recently found when moving house. Along with Joe Walsh and Jeff Lynne, he has built a new version which also includes clever use of the original 1972 release. Ringo also works with the indie artist Vandaveer to record new versions of “Don’t Pass Me By” and “Photograph”. While neither top the originals, they are both fresh and vibrant and sound stunning. He also enlists Anglo-Swedish rockers Alberta Cross to record a new version of the obscure song “Can’t Fight Lightning”. Again, not as good as the original 1980 recording, but new and different life is breathed into the song and it is a welcome addition to Give More Love.

Ringo is 77, and currently touring and continues to issue a new album every other year. This year will also see the release of two older albums on vinyl. One, Bad Boy, has been out of print since 1978, and the other, I Wanna Be Santa Claus, has never been on vinyl.
GIVE MORE LOVE is a brilliant album.







First new CD in over 2 years includes two songs with #PAULMCCARTNEY!The album was recorded in his home studio in LA,features members from his current All Starr band, #paulmccartney #JoeWalsh, #EdgarWinter #SteveLukather #PeterFrampton #RichardMarx #GlenBallard #DaveStewart, #DonWas #TimothyBSchmit #GaryBurr and more. Ringo Co-wrote all tracks with all different friends, and 4 bonus tracks are re-workings of:Back Off Boogaloo, Don’t Pass Me By, You Can’t Fight Lightning & Photograph!



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Catch Ringo & His All Starr Band on Tour!
Just next month, Ringo will hit the road in the U.S. with his All Starrs, the same beloved lineup he has performed with since 2012: Steve Lukather, Rodd Rundgren, Gregg Rolie, Richard Page, Warren Hamm & Gregg Bissonette.

Whether in Las Vegas, Atlanta, or Austin, don’t miss the chance to see Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band on tour!


Oct13:Las Vegas,NV,USA Planet Hollywood Resort&Casino
Oct14 Las Vegas,NV,USA Planet Hollywood Resort&Casino
Oct17 Las Vegas,NV,USA Planet Hollywood Resort&Casino
Oct20 Las Vegas,NV,USA Planet Hollywood Resort&Casino
Oct21 Las Vegas,NV,USA Planet Hollywood Resort&Casino
Oct24 Las Vegas,NV,USA Planet Hollywood Resort&Casino
Oct27 Las Vegas,NV,USA Planet Hollywood Resort&Casino
Oct28 Las Vegas,NV,USA Planet Hollywood Resort&Casino
Oct30 El Paso,TX,USA Abraham Chavez Theatre
Oct31 Austin, TX, USA The Moody Theater
Nov2 Sugar Land,TX,Smart Financial Centre at Sugar Land
Nov4 Thackerville,OK,US Global Event Center at WinStar
Nov7 Ft. Lauderdale, FL,USA Parker Playhouse
Nov8 Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA Parker Playhouse
Nov11 Atlanta,GA, USA The Fox Theatre
Nov12 Norfolk,VA,US ODU Constant Convocation Center
Nov14 Morristown,NJ,USA Mayo Performing Arts Center
Nov15 New York, NY, USA Beacon Theater
Nov16 Newark,NJ,USA New Jersey Performing Arts Center


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GIVE MORE LOVE features a blink and you’ll miss it moment referring to the “Fab Four”. In Don’t Pass Me By, Starr croons “I’d like to be under the sea” as the track slowly fades out.
“That’s a homage to one of my songs called Octopus’s Garden,” he explained about the 1969 song in the famous Abbey Road album.
“I thought it was an interesting thing to put those songs I’ve done before but with these young bands,” he said.

Collaborations between the last two surviving members of the Beatles always generate media frenzy. When Ringo posted a picture on Twitter of the two of them working together back in February, the news quickly spread.
“When we’re together it’s good because we spent a lot of very intense time together, a lot of loving time together,” he told at a London hotel.
“For me, he’s just an incredible human being, beside an incredible bass player,” he added.

The reminiscing in “Give More Love” goes further still than his time in history’s top-selling pop group.
“Electricity” references the Liverpool of his youth, and his Rory and the Hurricanes’ bandmate Johnny Guitar.
“He played so great. I have great memories of his playing to this day and that was a long time ago,” said Ringo, who now spends most of his time in Beverly Hills in the United States.


Ringo will’ll be doing eight shows in October at a Las Vegas casino followed by a short US tour.
“I’m not looking to retire, it doesn’t make sense for me,” he said. “I can go as long as I can hold the sticks.”









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Release Date TODAY! Ringo’s first new CD in over 2 years includes two songs with Paul McCartney!

The album was recorded in his home studio in LA, features members from his current All Starr band, Paul Mc Cartney , Joe Walsh, Edgar Winter, Steve Lukather, Peter Frampton, Richard Marx, Glen Ballard, Dave Stewart, Don Was, Timothy B. Schmit, Gary Burr and more.


Ringo Co-wrote all tracks with all different friends, and  4 bonus tracks are re-workings of :

Back Off Boogaloo

Don’t Pass Me By

You Can’t Fight Lightning





VINYL …   CD … MP3