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He’s a legend in the music industry and gained worldwide fame as the drummer for the Beatles.
And Ringo Starr, 79, cut a stylish figure as he attended the Global Citizen Prize gala at the Royal Albert Hall in London on Friday.

The musician was joined by his chic wife Barbara Bach, 72, and the pair appeared to be in good spirits as they threw up some peace signs for the cameras.
Ringo opted for an all-black ensemble at the star-studded event, donning a button up jacket with a high leather neck.
He paired this with some black jeans and laced boots before adding a pair of circular black framed glasses.
Barbara, who has been married to the rocker since 1981, also kept things casual for the evening wearing a long black cardigan with a striped T-shirt.
Barbara, added a splash of colour to her outfit with a trendy scarf covered in colourful squares.
Ringo’s appearance comes after a parking ticket issued to him in April 1969 outside Apple records in Savile Row, London, was expected to fetch £1,500 at auction.
Alan Herring, who was the driver for Starr and George Harrison, kept the ticket along with a pair of John Lennon’s round sunglasses, reports the Daily Mail.
Mr Herring said he usually managed to have a good relationship with traffic wardens – but not on this occasion.
The glasses, which have one lens and an arm detached, are expected to sell for £8,000 in The Beatles online sale at Sotheby’s from December 6 to 13.
John told Mr Herring to keep them after he left them on the back seat of Ringo’s Mercedes in 1968.
Other items in the Sotheby’s sale include a cigarette lighter kept in the car, shirts worn by the band and one of Harrison’s guitars, which is expected to fetch £60,000.
Bandmember Sir Paul McCartney spoke candidly about the Beatles heyday during an interview for Billboard’s 125th Anniversary Issue recently.
Paul said making music with John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo was an interesting experience as they would always try new things.
Sir Paul explained: ‘We’d do one song, and it’d be a hit, and instead of doing another with the same formula, we’d say, “OK, we’ve done that.” You listen to The Beatles’ output and no two songs are alike.”
And he went on to say of reworking old tracks: ‘I go through these songs, and when we remaster, I go to Abbey Road, and it’s like popping into the office. And I get to hear these songs I haven’t heard forever.’



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Ringo Starr looked dapper in a black suede jacket and skinny jeans as he stepped out for dinner at the Madeo restaurant in Beverly Hills on Tuesday night with his stylish wife Barbara Bach, and pals.

Ringo was joined at dinner by Joe Walsh, Barbara’s sister Marjorie, Steve Lukather.



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We’ve always seen him through the lens of peace and love. But ask Ringo Starr to describe what life looks like through his eyes, he has another word.

“Beautiful,” said Ringo. “The people in my life, the life I’m leading. I get to do what I love, play drums, and while I’m doing that, I take photos.”

Ringo takes photos, and creates books like his third one, Another Day in the Life, not just to document, but to change the world.
One hundred percent of proceeds from his work goes straight to his non-profit, The Lotus Foundation, which funds and promotes projects to advance social welfare.
“We go from Doctors Across Borders to battered women to kids with cancer, but we have the one I always support is Water Aid. If you have nothing else you should have water. Makes me emotional to think about those poor kids,” said Ringo, holding back tears.
Ringo’s love of art started with acrylics and oils, then computer art, and now taking pictures.

Each one in his book captioned with his thoughts and anecdotes, giving us a glimpse into yesteryear, a glimpse into his life as drummer of the world’s most legendary rock band.
He says he loves taking pictures of random things and seeing how they all fit together. From L.A. to Tokyo and beyond, he showcases his love of music, nature, and travel.
“We need more joy and understanding and need to recognize the planet is falling apart because of us. I can look at my grandkids and think, ‘What are they going to drink?’” he said.

It’s questions like this that made him want to change the world. It’s photos like this help him do it.


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Recently, Ringo Starr released What’s My Name, which stands as his twentieth studio album. Ringo stated that it may be his last. Here are the details behind what might be Ringo’s swan song.

What’s My Name is a fairly lean album – a stark contrast to long and demanding Beatles classics. Ringo recorded the album in a home studio, which he felt was better for him, his collaborators, and the sound of the music. The album also includes a stirring tribute to the magic of music called “Thank God for the Music.”

Over the course of its 34 minutes, the album manages to work in two nostalgic throwbacks to the Beatles. One is “I Want Money,” a cover of a Motown hit that was previously recorded by the Fab Four. The other is “Grow Old with Me,” which could be considered the final Beatles collaboration. The song is sung by Ringo, was written by John Lennon, includes instrumentation by Paul McCartney, and production by Jack Douglas which was intentionally reminiscent of George Harrison’s solo music.

Ringo told Joe Scarborough that he currently intends for What’s My Name to be his final album, though he would not be adverse to releasing new music. He told Scarborough that he would be more interested in releasing small EP in the future rather than full albums. Scarborough was shocked by this admission.

Over the past 45 years, Ringo has produced albums in various genres, including pop, rock, country, soul, funk, and disco. Ringo also became the first and only former Beatle to release a Christmas album when he released I Wanna Be Santa Claus in 1999.
In addition to his wide array of albums, Ringo can also take pride in his commercial accomplishments. In 1973, he produced two number-one hit singles: “Photograph” and “You’re Sixteen.” Much like “Grow Old with Me,” “Photograph” and “You’re Sixteen” were Beatles reunions in some way. “Photograph” was co-written by George while “You’re Sixteen” includes instrumentation by Paul.

Ringo has a greater musical legacy than just about any other drummer.


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“I do feel that that’s my last album. 10 track album, that’s it. Last one.”

Legendary Beatles drummer Ringo Starr talks about his recording process, stories from his new book, and why his new album likely to be his last.

Ringo discusses the inspiration behind ‘Octopus’s Garden,’ a tune he sings on ‘Abbey Road.’ Starr also discusses his current recording process, why he wants his current album to be his last and stories from his new book.

Video.. Here.



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Ringo Starr has said he “never” practises the drums on his own, preferring to play with other people.

It seems “never practising” for Starr applies to just solitary playing, as he has been quite busy lately – recently releasing the album What’s My Name on 25 October this year.

Starr made the statement in Rolling Stone’s latest Artist on Artist interview, where has speaking to fellow drummer and Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl. Grohl echoed Starr’s opinion, saying “I don’t like playing alone. I only like playing when there’s music.”

Ringo went on to joke about the negative influence too many formal lessons, saying “when I’m doing shows, and people hold up their little seven-year-old: ‘This is Tommy. He loves you, and he’s taking drum lessons.’ And I always say, ‘I hope he’s not taking too many!’”. The pair’s extensive conversation also touched on shared influences, the development of Beatles songs’ themes and what Starr thought when he first heard Nirvana.