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Anne Wagg, who turned 66-years-old on March 15, treated herself to an early birthday present by bidding £900 in an auction room to get her hands on a special gift from her idol in an auction to benefit the Nottingham charity Forever Stars.
Mrs Wagg, from Derby, received a Beatles’ Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band super deluxe six-disc during a bidding war at Hansons Auctioneers in Derbyshire, which will be personalised especially for her by the musical legend.
She said: “It’s the best birthday present ever. I am absolutely delighted. It’s our 46th wedding anniversary on Sunday, March 18 too so that makes it even more special.”
Ms Wagg added that she’s been a fan of the Beatles and Mr McCartney for 56 years, even traveling as far afield as Paris, France to see him perform.
“I’ve loved the Beatles since I was nine or 10 but Paul has always been my favourite. I’ve seen him perform 12 times. I even met him once years ago outside the Ritz Hotel in Paris. “I’d gone to see him perform but got lost in the city and ended up at the Ritz. It turned out he was staying there with wife, Linda.
“They both came out and it was mayhem with bodyguards keeping people away but Linda was lovely. We told her we had come from England to see Paul and she beckoned us over to have a photo taken with them. The awful thing is I’m the only one on the photo whose face came out blurred.”
Mr McCartney donated the item to the Forever Stars charity, which was set up by Chilwell couple Richard and Michelle Daniels in memory of their baby daughter Emily after she was stillborn at the Queen’s Medical Centre in 2013.
Mr Daniels said: “The donation was amazing, I was absolutely blown away by it. I was in shock when we received the email confirming the gift from Sir Paul McCartney’s office, which we contacted in the hope he would help us.
“It was a generous gift from one of the world’s biggest stars.”



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Paul attend the “My Generation” special screening at BFI Southbank on March 14, 2018 in London, England.


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Oisin Leech and his musical sibling Mark McCausland comprise The Lost Brothers.  They are touring in support of their critically acclaimed new release, ‘Halfway Towards A Healing’.  The recoding was produced by Gabriel Sullivan, and it stands on the basics.

When your harmonies flow with such beauty as naturally as the wind, the simple can become quite complex.  The duo is smart enough to know where their bread is buttered.  The harmonies stand as strong as the Rock of Gibraltar, and they require no fanciful adornment.  They sing like a beautiful woman who needs no make-up.
Beatles Magazine caught up with Brother Mark McCausland on the tour trail, and we picked his brain on Halfway Towards A Healing, the tour, and the Fab Lads from Liverpool. The Brothers promised to check back in after the extensive tour is completed.


Beatles Magazine: Please tell us about the new release, and where fans can find it?
Mark McCausland: The new album is called Halfway Towards a Healing. We recorded it in Tucson Arizona with our good friends, Howe Gelb and Gabriel Sullivan. You can buy the vinyl or cd directly from us on our website,, or you can buy the digital format from all the usual on-line outlets.


BM: What are the inspirations behind your harmony, maybe a little John and Paul?
Mark: I learned anything I know about harmony by growing up singing along to the Beatles records. But rather than the melody, I always found myself singing the harmony parts, my ear was just drawn to them. But to me it’s not really a harmony part, it’s more like a double melody. Take the middle section in songs like Try to See It My Way, or Ticket to Ride. Which part is the melody and which part is the harmony? It’s the same as the Everly Brothers, or the Louvin Brothers or even Simon and Garfunkel. Where each part is as important as the other. Two melodies that are made to fit each other.


BM: Who is your favorite Beatle, and why?
Mark: It’s impossible to pick. As Paul says, they are like four corners of a square. Without any one of those corners, it all falls apart.  Solo-wise, I adore McCartney’s first two albums, McCartney and Ram.


BM: Which Beatle songs are your favorite, and might you be doing any covers of the lads?
Mark: We cover In Spite of all the danger. We recorded it on a mini album of ours called “The Bird Dog Tapes”, where we cover some of our favourite tracks. This song is unique as it is the only composition ever written by McCartney and Harrison, when they were about 16!


BM: Do you remember when you first heard the lads, and what was your reaction?
Mark: I first heard them as a toddler. My uncle used to play Strawberry Fields for me and my brothers. Then many many years later as a teenager, I heard it again and it was like a dream. From that moment on I was a Beatles fanatic!


BM: Where will the upcoming gigs be, and where can fans follow your comings and goings?
Next up is New York, Texas and Tucson Arizona, followed by Australia and then a bunch of festivals in the summer.
We have just come back from a tour around the uk and Ireland which went really well. We were actually back in Liverpool, where we used to live. I had a flat just around the corner from Arnold Grove, where George used to live. Oisin and myself would write songs in my place then go and sing them outside George’s house, to let the songs soak in some of the magic. Liverpool has a mystical magic to it that reawakens the soul. It still feels like home to us, probably the only place that ever will.


By Bob Wilson


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An iconic building where household names such as The Beatles once performed is set to have new life breathed into it after Waltham Forest Council purchases it for £2.6 million.

The former Granada cinema, also known as the EMD, in Walthamstow’s Hoe Street is set to become a 1,000-seat venue to host the biggest names in UK and international comedy, pantomimes, film screenings and more.

The Beatles – Live At Granada Cinema, 9 November, 1963


The historic Grade II* listed theatre was partially reopened in 2016 as Mirth, Marvel & Maud, a pub and entertainment complex.
It will be brought back to its former glory with the help of Soho Theatre, who will operate the venue, and is expected to add between £34 and £52 million to Walthamstow’s economy over a 10 year period.

Renovation of the site is expected to take three years and the council is considering options to part finance it with external grants. The borough was awarded £1.35 million as 2019 Borough of Culture, announced last month.


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The rock veteran has previously been outspoken in his lack of regard for the Fab Four’s music, criticising their live performance and he even famously called their iconic 1967 album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band a, “mishmash of rubbish”.
However, the 74-year-old has now confessed that without The Beatles making it big in America in the mid-1960s, the Stones wouldn’t have become the phenomenon they are today.
“There’s no getting away from it ,” he told The Sun newspaper. ”Without The Beatles, I doubt there’d have been The Rolling Stones as such. They had that wonderful all-round appeal, something we certainly weren’t working on.
“We didn’t have to put up with being the Mop Tops or the Fab Four. Before The Beatles, hardly any British acts had broken America but they opened the door and I guess we kicked it in,” he added.
The Beatles split up in 1970 and Keith said that he puts their early demise down to the scrutiny they were under.
“They got off the bus just before it really got moving, you know,” explained Richards. “The pressure they were under being The Beatles is maybe one of the reasons why we’re still around.”
The Rolling Stones recently announced that this summer they will perform in their native U.K. for the first time in five years, and Keith revealed they were also ready to record new music.
“We’re working on it right now, old boy!” he told The Sun’s reporter. “I’m in the studio and I’m waiting for Mick to turn up. We’re doing a few days knocking some songs around and playing about, so work is in progress as I speak.”