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YOU GAVE ME THE ANSWER – Charles from the UK Asks…

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We’ve been ridiculously excited here in the office as Paul and the band have been preparing to bring their ‘One On One’ tour to Australia and New Zealand this December! This will be the first time Paul has performed in either country since 1993’s ‘The New World Tour’.

Paul said of the announcement;

“We’ve been waiting to get back to Australia and New Zealand for years and now it’s finally happening. It is very exciting. I’m really looking forward to the concerts as we’ve always had such a brilliant time whenever we’ve been before so we know we are in for a treat. Can’t wait to see you and all rock out together.”

This brings us nicely to a question from Charles in the UK, who got in touch to ask Paul:

“Do you have any favourite memories from visiting Australia and New Zealand on previous tours?”

We managed to catch up with Paul before he headed off down under!

“Thanks for your question, Charles. Yes! The welcome we got in Australia was crazy! Crazy good! People were lining the streets and it was really special. We really liked it a lot and were very pleased to get such a great reception. A funny memory was that we were always giving the thumbs up sign to everyone, you know, meaning ‘Great, thanks, good luck’. And then someone said, ‘No actually that’s a rude sign in Australia’. I’m still not sure to this day if it’s true, but I think it meant something like ‘the finger’ in America. And there was another crazy incident where one of the fans climbed up the outside of our hotel to get to our suite. That was pretty crazy and pretty dangerous and don’t do this at home! But yeah it was a great trip. And in New Zealand rubbing noses with the Maoris had to be a little high spot.” Was it just you and the guys [The Beatles] who went up and did that for the day?

PM: Yeah, there was a little ceremony where the Maoris were giving us a presentation and they were doing the dance and all the stuff. It was just nice to meet some real Maoris and then you know they said they’d like to greet you, and you do the nose, which was cool!


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HE’s back in Australia for his One on One tour. And Paul had plenty of stories to tell when he met fans at an intimate fan Q&A.

“GO to school — number one — and just be good.” That was Paul’s advice for nine-year-old Perth super-fan Harrison Haines yesterday at an intimate fan Q&A at the Regal Theatre.

“Learn a lot about the world and where there’s issues you think need changing, just be very strong and go and change them,” the 75-year-old added.


What about learning the guitar?

“Nah,” Paul joked.

Since learning the guitar and writing his first song at age 14, Paul has changed the world and led a remarkable life. Paul took time out from rehearsing for tomorrow’s concert at Perth’s nib Stadium — the first date of the Australian leg of his One on One world tour — to field questions from 10 lucky fans, and their guests, plucked from an online competition run by promoters Frontier Touring.

Paul shared stories about the Beatles’ first tour of Australia, writing hits with superstars Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Kanye West, and Martha, the Old English Sheepdog which inspired a song on the White Album.

“We had great times and the guys loved her, John (Lennon) particularly because he’d never seen me with a pet,” he said. “He’d come around to my house and there was this woolly thing licking him. That was me.”

The small contingent of fans also got up close with Paul, who left the stage at the start of question time to personally greet each of them. Many diehards could barely believe they were meeting their hero, but that didn’t stop Loredana Santoro from asking the staunch vegetarian out for a vegan meal.

“A nice stir fry,” Macca suggested before retracting the offer. “I’ve got things to do. My wife would kill me.”

Third wife Nancy Shevell reportedly flew in with Paul on Monday.


While on previous visits he went horse-riding and swimming with dolphins, the superstar has not yet found time for sightseeing. But he did have a jam on Wednesday with former Shadows guitarist Hank Marvin, who lives in Perth.

Asked what fuels his passion for touring, Paul quipped “sex and drugs”.

“It’s just because I love it,” he added. “I’ve loved it since I was 14 when I wrote my first song.

“I don’t need to go touring. The answer is, and I heard Ringo (Starr) say it, it’s what we do.”

Paul said that while the early days of Beatlemania were exciting, the screaming female fans became a drag.

“It got a bit much because we couldn’t hear what we were doing, and that’s one of the big differences now.

“We go louder than the audience now.”

They certainly do. Following the 20-minute grilling, Paul strapped on his famous Hofner violin-shaped bass and warned “Now, we don’t rehearse quiet”.

Then, with his long-serving four-piece band, the legend tore into Beatles classics Drive My Car, Lady Madonna and I’ve Just Seen a Face, plus a rowdy rendition of Wings’ favourite Junior’s Farm.

Paul plays six shows in Australia on the One on One tour, which kicked off in the US in April last year and wraps in New Zealand on December 16.

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Ringo announced today (Nov. 29) a revamping of his long-running lineup of his All Starr Band for a 2018 tour of Europe and Israel. (See dates below.)

Re-joining the All Starr Band for the 2018 dates is Colin Hay. The former Men at Work frontman previously performed with the lineup in 2008. Joining for the first time is 10cc co-founder Graham Gouldman. In addition to co-writing the 10cc songs “I’m Not in Love” and “The Things We Do For Love,” Gouldman penned such British Invasion hits as the Hollies’ “Bus Stop” and the Yardbirds’ “For Your Love,” among many others.

Continuing with the All Starr Band are Santana/Journey star Gregg Rolie, Toto’s Steve Lukather, Warren Ham and Gregg Bissonette.


Ringo Starr and His All-Starr Band 2018 Tour Dates

June 05 – Paris, France – Olympia
June 08 – Grolloo, Netherlands – Holland Blues Festival
June 09 – Flensberg, Germany – Flens Arena
June 10 – Hamburg, Germany – StadPark
June 13 – Helsinki, Finland – Kaisaniemi Park
June 15 – Horsens, Denmark – Lunden
June 16 – Berlin, Germany – Tempodrom
June 17 – Zwickau, Germany – Stadhalle
June 19 – Prague, Czech Republic – Congress Hall
June 20 – Vienna, Austria – Stadhalle
June 23 – Tel Aviv, Israel – Menorah Arena
June 24 – Tel Aviv, Israel – Menorah Arena
June 26 – Barcelona, Spain – St. Jordi Club
June 28 – Madrid, Spain – Wiznik Center
June 29 – La Caruna, Spain – Coliseum
July 01 – Bilbao, Spain – Bizkia Arena
July 04 – Luxembourg, Belgium – Rockhal
July 06 – Monte Carlo, Monaco – Sporting Complex

Ringo and his All Starr Band and new tour dates through Europe and Israel for 2018. In June, the All Starrs embark on a 21 date tour that will kick off in Paris France and includes shows in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Monaco, Netherlands and Israel, concluding in Italy. The last time the All Starrs toured Europe was 2011.

Gouldman is also touring with 10cc in March. Hay has Australian and New Zealand dates in January and February.

Ringo recently released a new album, Give More Love, with a little help from his friends Paul McCartney, Joe Walsh, Peter Frampton, Timothy B. Schmit, Lukather, Richard Page and others. Most recently, Ringo, who turned 77 on July 7, toured the U.S. in October and November.


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It has been 16 years since we woke up to the sad news that George had passed.

According to the Beatles producer George Martin, George Harrison was “the Beatles’ Third Man, always there yet somehow elusive”. As well as being the “quiet Beatle”, he was the rock guitarist who introduced the sitar to British pop music, a stalwart devotee of transcendental meditation, a film producer and an underrated songwriter – his composition Something was recorded by dozens of singers and was the only Beatles song featured in concert by Frank Sinatra.

His contribution was considerable. He designed guitar breaks and riffs to suit the range of song genres used by John and Paul, although he had less opportunity than he would have liked to cut loose.

He also got to sing at least one number on each album, beginning with Do You Want To Know A Secret? on the debut album. But probably his most important influence on the group concerned the new sound textures he introduced. Chief among these was the sitar. George was intrigued and he contrived a meeting with the sitar virtuoso Ravi Shankar at the home of the leader of the Asian Music Circle in London. He briefly studied with Shankar, to be able to use the sitar in Beatle music. Eventually, too, the Beatles agreed to record his compositions, of which Within You Without You (from Sgt Pepper- True genius) While My Guitar Gently Weeps (from the White Album) and Here Comes The Sun and Something (from Abbey Road) were among the most memorable.

He held many strong opinions-on Beatlemania, on global want, on his right to privacy, on his God-and gave firm voice to most of them. But George Harrison was certainly the most reluctant Beatle, wanting out almost as soon as he was in. He often said that his luckiest break was joining the band and his second luckiest was leaving it. The standard line is that George was transparent: a terrific guitarist, a fine songwriter, a wonderer, a seeker and, overriding all, a celebrity who hated and feared celebrity.

George died in Los Angeles 16 years ago, losing his last battle with cancer. He was beloved, and had been for a long time. He had thrived in the aftermath of the band’s breakup, becoming a recording artist on the level of his former mates Paul and John.

He is sorely missed and was greatly loved all over this planet. He came to stand for something very large, and beautiful. George, we love and miss you.