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Stella has secured a license with ISA Spa, which will see the firm create, produce and distribute underwear and swimwear collections in keeping with Stella’s eponymous brand’s ethics.

And the creative mastermind is excited by the partnership because she has always loved the products, and she hopes her customers will also enjoy wearing her garments, which will leave them feeling “confident and comfortable”.

Speaking about her partnership and the upcoming capsules, the mogul said: “Lingerie has been a personal obsession of mine for a long time and I have always been inspired by it. While for swimwear I want to encourage women to feel confident and comfortable about themselves and in what they are wearing.” And Stella believes the additional products that her eponymous brand will be launching next year marks an “important new chapter” for her fashion house. She continued: “This is an important new chapter for us at Stella McCartney and I feel that we have found the perfect partner for us, who really understands our brand and will bring together quality, ability and a high level of commitment to take us to this next chapter.”
Speaking about the joint venture, the chief executive office of ISA Spa, Mila Zegna, said: “Our mission is to support the brand DNA, core values and social responsibility beliefs thanks to a team that leverages our product know-how, luxury market knowledge and a dedicated sales strategy.”

However, this is not the first time Stella has released a lingerie line as in 2008 she launched a range of undergarments, which developed into a sleepwear range, and included a double mastectomy post-operative bra, as well as a limited edition set to raise awareness for Breast Cancer, which was followed by a beachwear range eight years later.


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Omega Auction’s forthcoming sale of the framed score, which is in Martin’s handwriting and is signed by Sir Paul McCartney, was initially billed by Warrington-based Omega Auctions as ‘the original’ version of the music sheet. The lot description has now been amended to ‘an original … one of only two known originals’ after a complaint by one of Martin’s four children that she possessed the original score.

Martin’s daughter Alexis Stratford read media coverage of the impending sale and instructed a lawyer to contact Omega Auctions to say she possessed the original, having been given it by her father 30 years ago.“[My father] knew it was of great historical value and even pointed out the coffee stains from John Lennon,” Stratford told.

‘Two known originals’

Omega Auctions stands by the authenticity of its lot. Karen Fairweather, director of Omega Auctions, told ATG: “We have had no row [with George Martin’s daughter]. Her score is an original and ours is an original, end of story. Our catalogue description states that the score we are selling is one of two known original scores. Fairweather added: “It’s a fantastic, historical piece and we are looking forward to selling it.”

The scores were prepared for the song’s recording, which included a string octet conducted by Martin, at Abbey Road studios in April 1966. The version owned by Stratford is an eight-page manuscript in pencil, whereas that being sold by Omega Auctions is four pages long, also containing musical notation for the string instrument parts and lyrics. Omega Auctions says the score consigned to its Warrington saleroom was one “most likely written out for the instrumentalists”.

George Martin provenance

According to the catalogue entry on, the score “was gifted to a gentleman who was well known in the music industry and was both a friend and business associate of George Martin. The signatures of George Martin and Paul McCartney are believed to have been added at a later date (circa late 1980s), most likely shortly before this was framed and gifted”. Stratford’s score, also mounted in a frame, is said to be worth £75,000 but is not for sale. The Omega Auctions lot, numbered 250 among other lots of Beatles memorabilia, also includes the deeds to the Liverpool grave of the real Eleanor Rigby, the song’s inspiration.

Ahead of the live auction on September 11-12, the most recent bid for the Omega Auctions lot on was £12,000 against an estimate of £15,000-25,000.


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Dave Grohl learned to “play guitar” thanks to The Beatles.

The Foo Fighters frontman was presented with the iconic group’s greatest hits collections, along with a book of their music, by his mother when he was younger, and spent hours honing his skills by playing along to the records.

He said: “That’s really where I learned to play guitar. I would put an album on, find the page with the song, try to play along according to this simple music sheet, almost like I was in a band in my bedroom, trying to follow along with these other players.

“I’d have to remember an arrangement, and changes and tempo and melody. So those two albums were my music teacher when I was young.”


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An English teacher in Spain might be responsible for convincing the band to include lyrics in the liner notes on their albums.That teacher’s name was Juan Carrión, and he died this week at 93. He was a huge Beatles fan, and he came up with the idea, which was novel at the time, of using Beatles lyrics to teach English.

“He didn’t always understand what was being said,” says Richard Torne, a reporter in Spain who met with Carrión, years later. Torne says Carrión wrote down what he heard as best he could in a notebook, leaving blank spots for the words he couldn’t decipher.

So, when he heard that John was coming to Spain to film the movie “How I Won the War,” he was determined to meet the singer to ask him to fill in those missing words. “He got it in his head that he was going to seek John out,” Torne says, “and he was going to find out whether or not he’d be willing to help him out with this.” By that point, Lennon was already a huge star. But that didn’t deter Carrión. He took a two-hour bus ride to the city where Lennon was filming and stayed there for a week, even though he didn’t have a lot of money. “He managed to meet a man named Les Anthony who was John Lennon’s bodyguard and chauffeur,” says Torne. “They struck up a very quick friendship, and he started passing on these lyrics sheets to him to give to John Lennon to correct.”

Eventually, he managed to meet John in person, and two men became friends. After that meeting, all Beatles albums, starting with “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” included lyrics in their liner notes.