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Ringo pay tribute to Glen Campbell

Musicians and singers and many other stars paid tribute today to Glen Campbell, who died yesterday following a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease. Ringo Starr called him “the real rhinestone cowboy.”

Brian Wilson tweeted, “I’m very broken up to hear about my friend Glen Campbell. An incredible musician and an even better person.”


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David Adickes’ famous Beatles statues are for sale and have found a new home until they’re bought
Four concrete lads from Liverpool are currently standing in the backyard of one of Houston’s most popular breweries. This week 8th Wonder Brewery took custody, albeit temporary, of renowned artist David Adickes’ famous Beatles statues that once stood outside his SculpturWorx workshop off Taylor and I-10. Adickes tells that the set is for sale for $350,000.

The statues are currently for sale but 8th Wonder’s Ryan Soroka says that the quartet are under contract to be on display in the WonderWorld event space behind the brewery.

Sculptor David Adickes said on Tuesday he is selling the set for $350,000. They are about 36 feet tall and weigh four tons each. Ringo on the drums is slightly shorter and weighs a bit more.
The 90-year-old who once used to pal around with Picasso created the Beatles statues out of concrete and wire about 10 years ago. They were finally removed from his old workshop space in 2015 and became somewhat of a local attraction until then.


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Currently up for auction, the letter, written by Lennon in 1976, is addressed to his former wife and printed on Lennono Music letter-headed paper. A response to excerpts from Powell’s memoir A Twist of Lennon being published in the News of the World, Lennon requests in the letter that she stop running to newspapers with details of his affair, claiming that “As you and I well know, our marriage was over long before the advent of LSD or Yoko Ono…and that’s reality!”
The second letter currently up for auction is a handwritten note to the News of the World, in which Lennon requested they print his letter to Powell without any editing, claiming “it’s only fair to me and your readers to present my side of the story.”
The letters are expected to fetch over $9,000 in the auction, which ends today. Any Beatles fans with presumably deep pockets can make their bids at


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A weekend at the Indian Chutney Co. restaurant in Amagansett, New York. Paul  playing with little Arya, daughter of the designer Sebastian Alappat, founder of the School of Yoga and Meditation For children, Spark.

seabats16: “You never know who you’ll run out to out east! Here’s little Arya making eyes at Paul McCartney who was totally in love with our little bubble at Hampton Chutney Co.”


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An open letter John wrote to his ex-wife Cynthia slamming her for making details of their marriage breakdown public has been unearthed after 41 years.

In the original letter, which is titled ‘an open letter to Cynthia Twist’ and is dated November 15, 1976, the former Beatle said Cynthia had an ‘impaired’ memory of their marriage. John sent the letter to a US weekly magazine for them to publish with the request that it is ‘printed without any edits.I think it only fair to me and your readers to present my side of the story’. He wrote it in response to an article Cynthia had published in an English women’s magazine earlier that year.

He refuted her claim that he hired a private detective to spy on her and her future husband Roberto Bassanini who she was married to from 1970 to 1973. The letter measures 8.5in by 11in and has been signed ‘John’ with Lennon adding a small sketch of his face. It is being consigned by a private collector in the US who wishes to remain anonymous and the letter is tipped to sell for £20,000 ($25,000).

It reads in full: “As you and I well know, our marriage was over long before the advent of L.S.D. or Yoko Ono … and that’s reality!“Your memory is impaired to say the least. “Your version of our first L.S.D. trip is rather vague, and you seem to have forgotten subsequent trips altogether!  “You also seem to have forgotten that only two years ago, while I was separated from Yoko, you suddenly brought Julian to see me in Los Angeles after three years of silence. “During this visit, you hardly allowed me to be alone with him for one moment. “You even asked me to remarry you and/or give you another child, ‘for Julian’s sake’! “I politely told you no, and that, anyway, I was still in love with Yoko, (which I thought was very ‘down to earth’).“There were no detectives sent to Italy. Our mutual friend Alex Mardas went to Bassanini’s Hotel to see how you were, as you said you were too ill to come home.. “Finally, I don’t blame you for wanting to get away from your ‘Beatle’ past. “But if you are serious about it, you should try to avoid talking to and posing for magazines and newspapers! “We did have some good years, so dwell on them for a change, and, as Dylan says, it was ‘A Simple Twist of Fate!’
“Love & good luck to the three of you, from the three of us.”

John’s pun on Cynthia’s surname at the close of the first letter ‘A Simple Twist of Fate’ possibly inspired Cynthia’s decision to call her forthcoming memoirs A Twist of Lennon which were published in 1978.

A spokesman for US based RR Auctions, who are selling the letter, said: “As Lennon’s official side of the story, a public he-said, she-said self-defence, these letters represent the unique final chapter in the life of the former Beatle. “They are of the utmost rarity and importance.” Cynthia met John in a calligraphy class at the Liverpool College of Art and they began dating in 1958. They married in 1962 and were together for six years but divorced in November 1968. In 1976, Cynthia married John Twist, an engineer from Lancashire, but divorced him in 1983. She was married to night club owner Noel Charles from 2002 until his death in 2013. Two years later, in 2015, she died aged 76.

The auction ends on August 9.