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Universal Music EnterprisesClassic tunes by Ringo Starr, Blind Faith and Paul Simon are included on a very special soundtrack collection featuring songs heard on the Emmy-nominated NBC drama series, This Is Us.

The 20-track collection, titled This Is Us (Music from the Series), will be released September 15 and will be available on CD and as a digital download.

Included on the album are Starr’s “Photograph,” Blind Faith’s “Can’t Find My Way Home,” and Simon’s “You Can Call Me Al,” as well as tunes by Badfinger, Stevie Wonder, founding Byrds member Gene Clark, Cat Stevens, and influential English folk singer Nick Drake. The record also includes a cover of the Little Feat gem “Willin’” sung by This Is Us cast member Mandy Moore. The show follows the fictional Pearson family through the years, alternating between the story of young parents Jack and Rebecca Pearson in the 1980s and ’90s, and their three adults kids — Kevin, Kate and Randall — in the present day.The first season of This Is Us will be released on DVD on September 12, while the second season will premiere on September 26.

Here’s the full track list of the This Is Us (Music from the Series) album:

“Death with Dignity” — Sufjan Stevens
“You Can Call Me Al” — Paul Simon
“Willin’” — Mandy Moore
“Can’t Find My Way Home” — Blind Faith
“Uptight (Everything’s Alright)” — Stevie Wonder
“The Calvary Cross” — Richard Thompson & Linda Thompson
“Watch Me” — Labi Siffre
“The Wind” — Cat Stevens
“Come Talk to Me” — Goldspot
“Blues Run the Game” — Jackson C. Frank
“If Only” — Maria Taylor (featuring Conor Oberst)
“Northern Sky” — Nick Drake
“If I Ever Was a Child” — Wilco
“Because of You” — Gene Clark
“Evergreen Cassette (Tape Mix)” — Goldspot
“Without You” — Badfinger
“The World’s Smiling Now” — Jim James
“Photograph” — Ringo Starr
“We Can Always Come Back to This” — Brian Tyree Henry
“This Is Us Score Suite” — Siddhartha Khosla


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Ringo Starr’s stage boots and George Harrison’s front door are among coveted Beatles memorabilia up for auction.
Some 300 Beatles collectibles are on sale through the annual auction at The Beatles Shop in Liverpool.
Two pairs of Starr’s shoes are for sale, including a pair he wore on stage in 1963. The size 7 black suede boots are expected to fetch between £4,000 (€4,400 approx) and £5,000 (€5,500 approx.) They are said to be worn but in good condition.
“The original Beatle boots were leather with a higher heel,” Ian Wallace from the Beatles Shop said. “As the drummer he was having to use pedals for the bass drum and the hi-hat cymbal and what have you, so he couldn’t use those boots.Instead he wore these suede ones, which were obviously more comfortable.”

The boots were given to a family friend by Starr’s mother and stepfather in the 1960s and they have been in their possession since.
The brown Cuban-heeled boots are expected to fetch between £2,500 (€2,745) to £3,000 (€3,300) as is a Japanese-style kimono.
The other lots in the auction include the front door of the home where George Harrison was born, in Arnold Grove, Wavertree, Liverpool.
A rare Cavern Club membership card from 1960 is for sale, as is a school music book signed by John Lennon with vintage school photos.
This, the 26th Beatles Shop auction, will take at the Liverpool Philharmonic Music Room on Saturday August 26, with a viewing day on Friday August 25.


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Ringo says that after receiving an unexpectedly good offer for a new All Starr Band tour, he decided to scrap the Nashville plan.
“Dave Stewart and I were going to go down to Nashville and do a country album there,” Starr told writer David Wild in a promotional interview for the album. “So we thought we should write a few country songs for when we get there. The first one we wrote here in the house was called ‘So Wrong for So Long.’ Then I got offered another tour with the All Starr Band, and it was an offer I couldn’t resist. That’s how I ended up making another album at home (in Los Angeles) and writing all kinds of songs with all kinds of friends – everybody giving more love, and just letting the music flow.”

Among the notable musicians who contributed to “So Wrong for So Long” were Stewart and acclaimed session players like bassist Nathan East, pedal-steel guitarist Greg Leisz and keyboardist Jim Cox.
Ringo said: “I just thought, ‘That’s a great line,'” he recalls, “and finally turned it into a record, into a track.”
Bruce Sugar, Ringo’s recording engineer, meanwhile, thinks the song could possibly get some country radio play, though he notes, “It’s a little more traditional than what they’re doing now on the radio.”

Give More Love will be released on September 15. As previously reported, it also features appearances by Paul McCartney, Joe Walsh, Peter Frampton, Edgar Winter, Toto’s Steve Lukather, Eagles bassist Timothy B. Schmit, Mr. Mister’s Richard Page, Richard Marx and Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers keyboardist Benmont Tench.


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Recorded at his home studio in Los Angeles, Ringo’s 19th studio album Give More Love has 10 new tracks featuring collaborations with friends, including Paul McCartney, Joe Walsh, Edgar Winter, and Steve Lukather.


‘Give More Love’ is available everywhere on September 15th.
Pre-order Ringo’s 19th studio album now: H E R E.



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For his 19th solo album, Ringo Starr planned to record his first country album since 1970’s Beaucoups of Blues. But when his touring schedule made an extended trip to Nashville impossible, Ringo decided to simply work in his living room, inviting old friends like Peter Frampton, Dave Stewart, his brother-in-law Joe Walsh and Paul McCartney to collaborate. “It ended up like a regular Ringo album with a ballad, a country song, a rock song,” says the drummer, whose new album, Give More Love, is out September 15th. “It’s always very casual. With Pro Tools, you don’t need all that space like we had in Abbey Road. Sometimes the dog will bark, and it ends up on the track.” Ringo, 77, is approaching his 30th year leading his All-Starr Band, whose long-running lineup includes Steve Lukather (Toto), Gregg Rolie (Journey, Santana), Richard Page (Mr. Mister) and Todd Rundgren. The band’s fall tour includes a Las Vegas residency in October.

How did Paul wind up taking part in sessions for the new album?
Well, I just called him up and said,”I got this song called ‘Show Me the Way,’ and I want you to play on it.” Because he is a really good friend of mine, he said he’d come to L.A. for it. It’s about [my wife] Barbara. She shows me the way. I wanted it to be very personal. While he was there, he also played on “We’re on the Road Again.” That was very kind of him.

You two still sound great together.
He’s an incredible musician. He’s incredible at singing too and as a writer, but for me, as a bass player, he is the finest and the most melodic. It’s always fun when we’re playing together. I’ve played on several of his records, mainly in the Nineties. People keep saying, “Oh, it’s been so long.” It’s not been that long. We did the Grammys, we did that Beat­les show three years ago. So we are still pals, but we don’t live in each other’s pocket.

There are a couple of country songs on the album that remind me of Beaucoups of Blues. What are your memories of that time in your life?
I went down to Nashville and we did it in two days. I did it because Pete Drake came to England to play [pedal steel] on George’s record [All Things Must Pass] and I was playing [drums] on it. I sent my car to get him and he noticed I had a lot of country tapes. He was talking to me about coming to Nashville to make a record and he’ll produce it. I was thinking I didn’t want to spend months in Nashville. He said “What are you talking about? Nashville Skyline took two days.” So I went to Nashville and I got there on Monday, we did the record Tuesday, Wednesday, and I left Thursday. And that’s how we did it! Five songs a day!

On “Electricity,” you give a shout-out to Johnny Guitar, from your pre-Beatles band Rory Storm and the Hurricanes.
When I changed my name to Ringo, he changed his to Johnny Guitar. I had left [my job at] the factory, and this was the first real job as a musician. I have great memories of being in that band. If you look back at my recent solo records, there’s always some mention of Rory and the Hurricanes in it. I don’t wanna write the book – I write it in songs. If you want to read my book, you’ll have to buy 15 CDs and put it all together.

On your new song “Laughable,” which you co-wrote with Peter Frampton, you sing “It would laughable if it weren’t so sad.” I presume you’re talking about Trump?

Well you know I’m not political. Peter Frampton added that line. We had discussions where he wanted the words to be more political. And I was against that, and it’s my record so you know what that’s what I do. I direct it. But I felt we still said the same things and it’s understood that it would be laughable if it wasn’t so said. But no I’m not gonna mention people and parties because I feel like we can do this in a much better way.

Your drums sound louder than ever on the new Sgt. Pepper box set.
They are! Giles [Martin, son of George Martin] has turned me up. I love it! We couldn’t do that in the Sixties. If anything, when we were mastering, we were taking off the bottom all the time, and the bottom was my bass drum. You should go to the Love show [in Las Vegas]. It’s like drum boogie. It’s so far-out.

What role did you take in putting together the Sgt. Pepper set?
Giles remastered it, they sent it to me, and I said I loved it. There’s another bonus CD with different bits – the big piano that we all played for that one chord [on “A Day in the Life”]. That is so interesting, even for me, who’s on the damn thing. I just love it. It’s a bit like the Eight Days a Week [documentary] that Ron Howard did. I was so moved emotionally by looking at that, and I’m in it, for God’s sake.

It was interesting to see a Beatles film that focused only on your touring career.
It just showed us as four lads. We were always being ordered to play stadiums since we couldn’t play regular gigs. We stopped touring because we all felt we weren’t playing that well. I couldn’t hear what the other three were doing. I’d have to look at their actions and go, “Oh, yeah, we went into that part now.” Then we split up, of course. But I think [touring] is part of the four of us – that’s what we always liked to do.

Are you going to release deluxe editions of the other albums?
I hope they do the White Album and Abbey Road.

How about Revolver and Rubber Soul?
I don’t know. Let’s say yes! [Laughs] If we don’t, forgive me.

You’re heading out with the All-Starr Band this fall. Do you still want to be doing this in three years when you enter your eighties?
Yeah, I love it. It’s what I do. As long as I can hold the sticks, we can go for a long time.


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Ringo pay tribute to Glen Campbell

Musicians and singers and many other stars paid tribute today to Glen Campbell, who died yesterday following a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease. Ringo Starr called him “the real rhinestone cowboy.”

Brian Wilson tweeted, “I’m very broken up to hear about my friend Glen Campbell. An incredible musician and an even better person.”


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 Give More Love, is Ringo’s 19th Studio album. Recorded at his home studio in Los Angeles, Give More Love has 10 brand new tracks and 4 bonus tracks featuring collaborations with friends: Paul McCartney, Joe Walsh, Dave Stewart, Peter Frampton & many more…



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Bruce Sugar, Ringo Starr’s longtime recording engineer, is very enthusiastic about the Beatle’s forthcoming album, Give More Love, which will be released Sept. 15. “We’re real happy with it. Everyone who’s heard it can’t wait till it’s put out there in the universe.”

The album has 10 main tracks and four additional bonus tracks that are new versions of old Ringo songs, including a version of “Back Off Boogaloo” that was assembled from an old recently rediscovered tape. And as always, the album has an assortment of distinguished names playing on various tracks, including fellow Beatle Paul McCartney, Ringo’s brother-in-law Joe Walsh, Edgar Winter, Peter Frampton, Nathan East, Don Was, Jeff Lynne, Timothy B. Schmit, and current Ringo All-Starrs Steve Lukather, Richard Page, Gregg Bissonette, among others, along with Sugar himself. He says the plans for the new album started coming together just after his last one, Postcards From Paradise, was released.

“It wasn’t long after Postcards came out,” he said. “Ringo likes to plan his life years in advance. I think he went on tour after that and then when he got back we started looking at some different ideas.”

He said recording sessions with Ringo can be accurately described as “acting naturally.” “It’s very casual, especially when it starts out. I just go over to his home studio. And we just play around with some different synth ideas and bring in a few friends of his initially and see if he can get the ball rolling, kind of get a feel for what he wants to do.”

Paul McCartney plays on two songs on the album – the opener “We’re On the Road Again” and also “Show Me the Way.” Sugar says McCartney came in in the middle of sessions for his own album, for which a release date has yet to be announced.

“They talk when they’re both in L.A. Ringo just asked him, ‘Look, I’m doing an album. Could you play on it?’ And Paul was so nice. He came by on his day off on a Sunday. And he worked hard, too. Those weren’t easy songs he played on.” He said McCartney’s vocal on “We’re On the Road Again,” which has been released ahead of the album, is “vintage McCartney.” “But the bass on the ballad ‘Show Me the Way’ … that’s a difficult ballad. So he had to work on that a bit. We definitely put him through his paces. But the guy’s the greatest. (He’s) humble. He came in to help his friend on a Sunday when he had his day off. What else can you say?”

Sugar says the songs that McCartney played on were challenging. “I think (Paul) was initially a little taken back by what Lukather wrote. It’s a little more sophisticated than some of the stuff Ringo’s done in the past. I think Paul was looking at and listening to it. He doesn’t read charts. He has his own notation.” Sugar says he’s discussed this with Starr. “I’ve brought that up to Ringo. ‘I can’t believe Paul doesn’t read charts.’ He goes, ‘We’re all buskers.’ They just played, just played by ear.”

The CD contains four bonus tracks – “Back Off Boogaloo,” “You Can’t Fight Lightning,” “Photograph” and “Don’t Pass Me By” – that are new remakes of previous Ringo songs. “Those are new recordings. We had a couple of bands playing at his birthday bash at Capitol last year playing Ringo songs. Two of the bands were Vandaveer and Alberta Cross. Ringo thought it would be cool to have different versions of some of the songs (they played) as bonuses. So they provided us with a track and we did some vocals on them and I remixed the tracks.” Vandaveer is on “Don’t Pass Me By” and “Photograph,” while Alberta Cross is on “You Can’t Fight Lightning.”

“Back Off Boogaloo” is different. It came from a tape with one of the first recordings of the song that Ringo found recently while preparing for the massive auction of his items that took place in 2015. The story of how it came together recalls how the Beatles’ “Strawberry Fields Forever” was made.

“He had shipped all his stuff over here from England during the auction. They consolidated everything he had. He had storage areas all over the place. I don’t know if it was him or his assistant were going through some of the stuff and they found this quarter-inch reel-to-reel tape and they put it on. It was Ringo, just him on guitar singing and playing ‘Back Off Boogaloo’. There was just a cool vibe.

“Ringo’s idea initially was to get Jeff Lynne to take that tape – it was like a minute long — and turn that into something. Jeff took it and sent us something back, then I told Ringo let me work with it. I had to manipulate the tempos and do all the Pro Tools editing you do these days and kind of married it to what Jeff did. Then Ringo played drums on it and we got Nathan East to put a bass on it. The front piece is from that original quarter-inch tape. There’s a little bit in the middle from the quarter inch tape that I put in there. The rest of it is all new with Ringo singing. With the background vocals, Ringo said to get some of the vocals from the original record he did with George and put that in it, too, so it would kind of be three different generations of Ringo on the record.

“So we’ve got Ringo from when he first wrote it, then part of his distorted original vocal, then the new vocal that we did here. It’s an interesting conglomerate. Plus Joe (Walsh) played slide guitar on it, another cool thing. It’s an interesting example of what you can with digital editing these days.”

Other Ringo classics got a new look, including “Don’t Pass Me By” from The Beatles (The White Album). “They all sound pretty cool. ‘Don’t Pass Me By’ is kind of a different approach than anyone else has done on that, that kind of laid back slide guitar deal. It’s kind of a cool, cool vibe on that.”

At one time, there was talk of making a country album. Only “So Wrong For So Long,” which made the album, survives. “It’s a good country song. It’s a little more traditional than what they’re doing now on the radio, but it’d be interesting to see if they’d play Ringo on country radio,” Sugar says. “They should. It’d be great if they did.”

Nashville or not, Sugar is quite excited about Give More Love as it stands. “I think it’s the best music I’ve done with Ringo. I think it’s the best musical album we’ve done,” Sugar says enthusiastically. “We’ll see what happens.”


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“He’s my brother-in-law and he wants to involve me in making music, and what am I gonna say? No? I’m really, really, really blessed to…be in this family that I’m in that came along with my wife…and I still get in the studio and I’ll be playing guitar and I’ll look over and go, ‘That’s f***ing Ringo Starr! I don’t believe it!’ It still happens sometimes.”

In addition to “We’re On The Road Again” Walsh also plays on the track “Electricity” from Starr’s Give Me Love, which comes out September 15. Other guests on the album include Peter Frampton, the Eagles’ Timothy B. Schmit, Richard Page, Benmont Tench from Tom Petty’s Heartbreakers, Richard Marx, Don Was and others.

Starr will be taking the current All-Starr Band back on the road this fall, while Walsh has a pair of shows with the Eagles as well as a three-night run in Las Vegas and his VetsAid benefit concert on September 20 in Fairfax, Va.


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Ringo Starr Gets Meta With Paul McCartney, Joe Walsh on New Song. Edgar Winter, Steve Lukather also appear on “We’re On the Road Again,” which highlights Starr’s upcoming solo LP’ Give More Love’.

Ringo celebrates goofing off on the tour bus and “[kicking] ass” onstage in his new all-star track “We’re on the Road Again,” featuring rock icons Paul McCartney, the Eagles’ Joe Walsh (Starr’s brother-in-law), Edgar Winter and the song’s co-writer, Toto’s Steve Lukather.

Lukather’s snarling guitar riff and Paul’s surprisingly punk-styled bass guitar anchor the arena-rock track, which highlights the drummer’s upcoming 19th solo LP, Give More Love. “We play really tight; we play really loud,” Ringo sings of his live band, who spend their downtime “telling stories, having a laugh/ singing my song ‘Photograph.'” Walsh, Winter, Paul and Lukather all contribute to a punchy blast of backing vocals on the chorus.

Ringo first teased his studio reunion with McCartney in February, tweeting a photo of the Beatles rhythm section. “Thanks for coming over man and playing Great bass I love you man peace and love,” he wrote.

The album is out in digital and CD format on September 15th, with a vinyl edition following the next week. The release will include four bonus tracks: A recently recovered original recording of “Back Off Boogaloo” and re-recorded versions of Starr songs “Don’t Pass Me By,” “You Can’t Fight Lightning” and “Photograph.”