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Terence Spencer photographed The Beatles, Winston Churchill’s funeral and the Vietnam War – and now the daughter of an eminent 20th century photographer is attempting to ensure his legacy lives on in at the Shrewsbury Beatles Weekend.

Cara Spencer, of Bayston Hill near Shrewsbury, took over the running of her late father Terence Spencer’s photo archive after he died in 2009. His extraordinary life saw him serve as a World War Two pilot, before becoming a photographer for Time-Life magazine – covering everything from “swinging London” in the 1960s to civil wars in Africa.
Miss Spencer said her globe-trotting father’s work had been hugely diverse. Over the years, he photographed the likes of Muammar Gaddafi and Yasser Arafat, as well as Richard Branson and Bob Dylan.
And she said she had been the inspiration for him covering The Beatles in their early years as they began their ascent to worldwide fame.
“I said ‘Dad, there is this amazing group called The Beatles’. He rang the editor of Time-Life in New York, who said his daughter was interested in The Beatles as well.In those days, it was much easier to get close to them before they went to the States and got really famous. They accepted him as part of the furniture and he spent several weeks following them around. He didn’t have a bad word to say about them and said they had a lovely sense of humour.”

Miss Spencer said her father even got the band to record a message for her, which she played to her friends on the school bus. But the tape was accidentally wiped.
The majority of his pictures of The Beatles were sold at auction to Bloomsbury Publishing for £75,000 in the early 1980s, with the images used to make a best-selling coffee table book.
But Miss Spencer retains 13 colour images of the band taken by her father.

Shrewsbury will celebrate The Beatles & the 50thAnniversary of ‘Abbey Road’w/a special weekend of music,films talks, tours &other events on 20th-22nd Sept. ShrewsburyBeatles Weekend presents Lunctime Live at ‘The Cavern’,live Beatles music with The BackBeat Three,Famous Last Words and Two Faced Tom &The Bootleg Boys! Screenings of the films ‘A Hard Day’s Night’,‘Backbeat’ and documentaries ‘Looking for Lennon’,‘Good Ol’ Freda’ and ‘The Beatles:Eight Days A Week’ directed by Ron Howard. Also: Former Marvel comic creator Tim Quinn will be giving an entertaining illustrated talk at The Hive–‘The Beatles in Comics’. For more information about Shrewsbury Beatles Weekend and Tickets visit



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The new exhibition will offer insight into the inspiration for one of The Beatles’ most iconic songs. Iconic Liverpool landmark Strawberry Field is set to be transformed as it prepares to open its gates to the community for good.
The famous site was gifted to The Salvation Army in 1934 and later opened as a children’s home, and was even a place where young John Lennon visited to play.
The Beatles ‘ song Strawberry Fields Forever immortalised the venue, with hundreds of thousands of tourists visiting each year – and now it is opening to the public for the first time.

Strawberry Field is set to continue its tradition of giving young people the best chance to succeed by creating a new training hub, visitor exhibition and café.
The site is expected to open to the public in around six weeks, giving visitors the chance to follow in the footsteps of John Lennon.
Strawberry Field will feature a new, authentic exhibition dedicated to the story of the place, the song, and Lennon’s early life.
The exhibition will follow Strawberry Field through the 1930s to present day, featuring archival footage, photographs, timelines and specialist media guides.
Through multimedia, interviews and memorabilia, the exhibition provides insight into John Lennon’s childhood and the inspiration behind one of The Beatles’ most iconic songs.
Along with this, the site will provide a training hub for young people with learning disabilities, offering training, skills and valuable work placements to foster real employment prospects.
Strawberry Field will offer support to young people and their families to develop aspirations, help to break down barriers, and achieve their full potential.
The site is also set to be a Christian Community of spiritual exploration, retreat and pastoral care.
Visitors can also enjoy the gardens and café on site to explore Strawberry Field.



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The Yesterday DVD, Blu-ray and digital release date is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated in 2019. It’s already high up on the iTunes list of top pre-orders, the film features so many Beatles hits.
Prudence Bruns is he daughter of film director John Farrow and actress Maureen O’Sullivan, as well as the younger sister of actress Mia Farrow. As a teacher and passionate advocate of Transcendental Meditation who studied with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in Rishikesh, India, her fellow students included all four members of the Beatles.
Luke Davis of radio station Newstalk 1116 4BC in Brisbane, Australia, speaks to the man in the room when The Beatles recorded Hey Jude, helped discover James Taylor, and even managed Linda Ronstadt, Peter Asher, one half of the legendary sixties duo Peter and Gordon, as he heads on tour around Australia.
The film picked up mixed reviews when it came out on the big screen in June 2019, but it had a very positive reception from cinema-goers. While both Curtis and Boyle make their films for the big screen first, there’s always a lot of re-watch value to them on DVD, Blu-ray and digital release and that definitely seems like it’s the case again.

Cast: Lily James (Pride And Prejudice And Zombies) being the most well known, Himesh Patel takes the lead role as musician Jack Malik who finds himself in a parallel equivalent of modern day Britain in which The Beatles don’t exist. He goes to use his knowledge of their songs to his advantage, releasing hit after Beatle hit to become a huge pop star himself. Lily James plays his childhood friend and manager who always supported his musical career and Ed Sheeran also appears in the film as himself trying to help Jack make the most out of his sudden stardom.
Yesterday was give a UK cinema release date of Wednesday the 28th June 2019, following on from its premier at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York on the 4th May 2019.


D V DH E R E .






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Ivor Davis was a member of the Beatles entourage, when he ‘ghosted’ George Harrison’s account of the festivities for the London daily Express.Ivor recounted his own experiences with the Lads in his work,The Beatles & Me: 1964 North American Tour (2014).Ivor joined Bob Wilson on his podcast,Tomorrow Never Knows on the Comfortably Zoned Radio Network.

Ivor was on hand when Paul McCartney rocked Los Angeles recently,and had no less than Sir Richard Starkey join him on drums.Davis met with his old friend Macca, and he recounts some of the discussion on the show.“It was just plain luck”,remarked Ivor on entering the realm of the Fab Four. The newspaper told me to, “get on the plane and get to San Francisco.I was in the front row for all of these incredible stories.”Ivor also was close to events when he investigated the Charles Manson murder spree which took place in California in 1969.His new work,Manson Exposed (2019),details the authors fifty years of living with these events he covered so closely.Ivor offers insight on how the record The Beatles(known as the White Album)was hijacked by Manson,and details John Lennon and Paul McCartney’s reactions as expressed to him personally.

Lend us your ears, and you can listen to the podcast.Ivor shares his wild ride and amazing experiences for Beatles Magazine. A splendid time if guaranteed for all.

Listen … Here.