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These “red, white, and blue” flexi discs were issued by Capitol in 1982 as promotional giveaways to encourage the sale of the Capitol catalog of Beatles LPs.

The transparent 7-1/4″ square discs were adhered to a card with photos of the group on the front visible through the soundsheet. Curiously, the Magical Mystery Tour release featured the photo variation with George’s “middle finger salute”. The titles are as follows:

Capitol / Evatone 420826CS (Red) All My Loving / You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away
Capitol / Evatone 420827CS (Blue) Magical Mystery Tour / Here Comes The Sun
Capitol / Evatone 420828CS (Clear/white) Rocky Racoon / Why Don’t We Do It In The Road

Capitol / Evatone 1214825CS (Blue) Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand/Sie Liebt Dich (Medley) / 1963 Xmas message excerpts

The first three were issued in July of 1982 and given away by the Musicland, Discount, and Sam Goody record stores. Each store had their own custom logo on the back of each of the sequentially numbered photo/title cards. One disc was given away with the purchase of any Capitol Beatles album.

The fourth disc, The Beatles German Medley, was available only through the House of Guitars store in Rochester, New York, in 1983 as a “Souvenir From The Beatles 20th Anniversary.” Due to its limited pressing of 1000 copies, it’s the rarest of all the releases and currently sells for around $50.00. It was not numbered.

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