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A rare first pressing of The Beatles’ iconic 1966 LP Revolver is coming up for auction in Lichfield.

The ground-breaking album, released on 5th August in the year England won the World Cup, is being sold by a record enthusiast from Sutton Coldfield through Richard Winterton Auctioneers.

The version has the rare XEX 606-1 matrix engraved between the run-off grooves on side two, signifying that it contains a different master of the LP’s closer Tomorrow Never Knows.

“This version has a longer fade-out with more prominent piano as the track draws to a close,” said Richard Winterton, auctioneer of TV’s Bargain Hunt and Dickinson’s Real Deal.

“By all accounts, the first copies from the production line were presented to each of the Fab Four. After playing his, John Lennon was unhappy with the final track and requested that the mix be changed or replaced, which it was as a matter of urgency.“It is understood that these copies marked 606-1 were made for just a few hours before the instruction came to stop.”

The record’s label also lists the side two track Doctor Robert as Dr Robert – which too was changed later in production because composer John Lennon did not want the title abbreviation. It will go under the hammer on 22nd October along with other Beatles classics A Hard Day’s Night, Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and Abbey Road. The auction will also feature other collectable LPs and music memorabilia along with turntables and mixing equipment.


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