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Dr Simon Barber, Research Fellow in the Birmingham Centre for Media and Cultural Research (BCMCR), alongside collaborator Brian O’Connor, are more widely known as Sodajerker, the creative partnership of two long-time friends who love songwriting. Their independent podcast, ‘Sodajerker On Songwriting’, is comprised of long-form interviews with some of the world’s most successful songwriters about how they approach the art and craft.

On Friday 7 September, Paul will release his 17th solo studio album, ‘Egypt Station’, on Capitol Records. To mark the occasion, the songwriting enthusiasts sat down with Macca at LIPA to talk about the writing process behind the record.
Dr Simon Barber, Research Fellow, Birmingham City University, said:
“As it does for millions of people around the world, Paul McCartney’s music occupies a very special place in our hearts. We were raised on his songs and, at this point, life is quite unimaginable without them. So, to get the opportunity to spend time with Paul talking about what he does best – songwriting – was the thrill to end all thrills.” “It was a long and winding road to Paul, but we stayed the course and fulfilled a lifelong ambition. We can’t thank him enough for giving us his time and insights.”

Sodajerker’s conversation with Paul McCartney will be available on Friday 7 September. Subscribe via Apple Podcasts or stream all episodes of ‘Sodajerker on Songwriting’ at

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