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If you like to unravel the secret of the Beatles. If you are intrigued by their unprecedented fame, by the fact that so many books were written about them, going into the smallest details of their supremacy. If you wonder, why their music has remained fresh after all these years. If you are intrigued by the secret of their music. Then this book is a book for you. Because this book is not about what happened, but about why it happened. Peter Eijgenhuijsen (1958) is a life-long Beatles fan. He attended the Academy of Writing in Antwerp and the Writers School in Amsterdam. He published short stories in literary magazines. Professionally he is a scientific director at a multinational pharmaceutical company, overseeing a group of scientific technical writers.

Another Beatles Book, or a new beginning?

To date more than two thousand books have been published about the Beatles and the steady stream of new books continues. All these books describe the story of the Beatles.

Some superficially others in more detail.
Until now, there has been no book trying to discover the secret of the Beatles. A book trying to explain their off-the scale fame, trying to explain why they were so influential, and why their music, after all these years, still sounds crisp and fresh.

With a historic phenomenon like the Beatles, it is important to describe what happened, in order to document it for future generations.

But when you have done that, and with more than two thousand books we have done more than a thorough job, it is time to start explaining the phenomenon.

The book The Beatles Era, a Quest for the Secret of the Beatles, by the Dutch author Peter Eijgenhuijsen does just that.

If you are ready for a new beginning, just check it out Here and Here.


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The Beatles are not only a rock n’ roll group, but a social and cultural phenomenon that have captivated music fans for decades. For many, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr changed everything.

This guide distils their amazing story into 101 informative and entertaining chapters, taking you from their rough and ready early Liverpool days through their world-shattering success in sound, stage and screen, to an afterlife that could never have been predicted when they first started out. Here, you’ll find facts and figures about their chartbusting songs, albums and films, meet the people that helped them along the way, and visit milestones and controversies such as their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan show, meeting Elvis Presley, John Lennon’s ‘Bigger than Jesus’ comments, experimenting with drugs and the avant-garde, and starting up Apple.

The Beatles 101 is a perfect introduction for new fans, a refresher for superfans, and ideal reading for quizmasters everywhere.

The author conducted a massive amount of research to really get under the skin of each member of The Beatles.

Throughout her journey looking into the lives of the band she came to the conclusion that, after combing through old interviews “they were just so honest about who they were”.

Newcomers to The Beatles will of course be inundated with glorious facts – such as George Martin’s first number one being with novelty act The Temperance Seven, rather than the fab four. Or, perhaps, that The Beatles only appeared on iconic British culture show Top of the Pops once in their entire careers.
As well as this, dedicated Beatlemaniacs will find a huge amount of new content in this tome of knowledge that ought to be experienced first hand.

THE BEATLES 101 is a brand new glimpse into the lives of the fab four featured in an exciting new way of learning all about the band’s exploits, songwriting habits, and indeed how they behaved off stage as well.

The Beatles 101 is available from Thursday, October 1st.  HERE  and  HERE.


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John Lennon would be celebrating his 80th birthday on October 9. Fans of his can enjoy a new book by Kenneth Womack entitled John Lennon, 1980: The Last Days In The Life (available now HERE and HERE ) to be released on John’s birthday. A special book.

Womack’s book traces the powerful, life-affirming story of the former Beatle’s remarkable comeback after five years of self-imposed retirement. Lennon’s final pivotal year would climax in several moments of creative triumph as he rediscovered his artistic self in dramatic fashion. With the bravura release of the Double Fantasy album with wife Yoko Ono, he was poised and ready for an even brighter future only to be wrenched from the world by an assassin’s bullets. John Lennon, 1980 isn’t about how the gifted songwriter died; but rather, about how he lived.

Womack is a world-renowned authority on the Beatles and their enduring cultural influence. Ken’s Beatles-related books include Long and Winding Roads: The Evolving Artistry of the Beatles (2007) and The Cambridge Companion to the Beatles (2009), which was named as The Independent’s “Music Book of the Year.” In 2014, Ken published The Beatles Encyclopedia: Everything Fab Four in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the group’s legendary appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. Ken’s books about the Beatles are included in the permanent collection of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s Library and Archives. Ken is also the author of four novels, including John Doe No. 2 and the Dreamland Motel (2010), The Restaurant at the End of the World (2012), Playing the Angel (2013), and I Am Lemonade Lucy! (2019).


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Ken McNab’s in-depth look at The Beatles’ acrimonious final year is a detailed account of the breakup featuring the perspectives of all four band members and their roles. A must to add to the collection of Beatles fans, And In the End is full of fascinating information available for the first time.

McNab reconstructs for the first time the seismic events of 1969, when The Beatles reached new highs of creativity and new lows of the internal strife that would destroy them. Between the pressure of being filmed during rehearsals and writing sessions for the documentary Get Back, their company Apple Corps facing bankruptcy, Lennon’s heroin use, and musical disagreements, the group was arguing more than ever before and their formerly close friendship began to disintegrate.

In the midst of this rancour, however, emerged the disharmony of Let It Be and the ragged genius of Abbey Road, their incredible farewell love letter to the world.


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The Beatles “Get Back”/”Let It Be” sessions and the resulting unreleased and released albums and bootlegged recordings are among the most interesting and confusing aspects of the Beatles recorded legacy.
Bruce Spizer’s fourth installment in his Beatles album series, The Beatles Finally Let It Be covers the January 1969 rehearsals and recording sessions, the unreleased “Get Back” albums, “Let It Be” and “Let It Be…Naked,” along with American, British and Canadian perspectives. The book relies on articles from 1969 and 1970 magazines and newspapers to report on what fans knew about the sessions and the planned albums that were never issued, as well as reviews of the unreleased and released albums. There are also chapters on 1970 current events and music and film, plus a detailed breakdown of all of the songs released from the sessions. The fan recollections chapter includes stories from those were fortunate enough to be up on the roof for the Beatles final public performance on January 30, 1969, along with one from a fan on the ground.
This book measures 9″ x 9″ and includes images in both color and original black & white.
The Beatles Finally Let It Be is the perfect companion to the other books in the album series, the upcoming Get Back film directed by Peter Jackson, and the anniversary edition of the Let It Be album.

The book is an historical overview of the Get Back /Let It Be project commencing with its conception in September 1968 and running through the Let It Be…Naked album issued in November 2003. Any information pertaining to the new Get Back film and any possible set of new audio releases would only comprise of a relatively small part of the book. That said, the Beatles album series books are intended to be as complete as possible and cover all releases through the date the book goes on sale.

498 PRODUCTIONS, LLC proudly announces the upcoming publication of The Beatles Finally Let It Be, Bruce Spizer’s latest book in his Beatles album series which is set for release later this year.

The book will cover the Get Back/Let It Be sessions, the unreleased Get Back albums, the Let It Be album and film, the noteworthy Get Back bootlegs, the Anthology tracks from the sessions and Let It Be…Naked.

Like the other books in the series, The Beatles Finally Let It Be covers the  album and related releases from the American, British and Canadian perspectives.

The book contains chapters on newsworthy events of 1970 and the music and films from the first half of 1970.

There are also chapters on the Hey Jude and In The Beginning albums released in 1970.

And, of course, dozens of fan recollections about the album and film.

The Beatles “Get Back”/”Let It Be” sessions and the resulting unreleased and released albums and bootlegged recordings are among the most interesting and confusing aspects of the Beatles recorded legacy.


1st Edition, 2020
September 4, 2020
200 Pages
9″ x 9″
Full Color throughout



UK:    HERE.





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Jude Southerland Kessler has released her fourth entry in her exquisite biographical works entitled, ‘The John Lennon Series’ (On the Rock Books, 2018). This volume covers 1964, and is dubbed, ‘Should Have Known Better’.

We find Lennon somewhat as complex and multifaceted as a diamond, exuding a potpourri of emotions including bravado, insecurity, genius, anger, humor, and ennui.  The anecdotes have the feel of sitting and listening to anecdotes of the inner circle, which is what most fans desire.  This is as close as most can get to that experience.
By 1964, the Beatles lives were compartmentalized, and stifling.  It feels claustrophobic simply to read the day in-day madness of frantic crowds who basically had the Beatles existing in a fishbowl.  The lads would often go from plane to limos, from limos to hotels.  Then they would have to brave wild throngs to get to and from shows.  In between, they would perform.  The pace and output in the studio were also daunting, and relied heavily on the dazzling songwriting output of Lennon and McCartney that defy belief in quality and number.

Author Kessler depicts the relationships of Lennon to his loving wife Cynthia, the other ‘Lads’, his son Julian, mother Julia, Aunt Mimi, Manager Epstein, and we still are scratching the surface of those in her purview.  Kessler uses facts to flesh out depictions in the fashion akin to historical narrative.  The result is readable, entertaining, thorough, and deeply insightful.  Perhaps only the subject himself could have given us more of a porthole-view into his life, had he been willing.  This is done across some 785 pages, before indispensable illustrations by artist Susan Derbacher, and other notes. Do not be dissuaded by the length of the tome, as each chapter is a strawberry cultivated for the pleasure of a king.  We can ‘rattle our jewelry’ in appreciation (the entire project times out at 984 pages).

The coverage of the touring prior to the release of the group’s first film, ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ is perhaps unmatched.  As we watch Lennon evolve, we have the gift of hindsight knowing what is to come in his life.  Kessler fills in gaps in our understanding, and the results are never anything close to rote, or pedestrian.  It is fascinating to view the road leading to a cessation of touring, and living as a band from the studio off the travails of the road. The pressure that the band lived under to that point cost them their nervous systems, and practically required a diving bell.
Beatle fans thrive on minutiae, and in the best possible sense there is plenty to feast on here.  Previous volumes have become highly collectible, so Beatlemaniacs will want to get ‘em while they’re hot.  It is a feather in the author’s cap to produce such thorough coverage of Lennon, and she has taken place a high place among all Lennon biographers.
With a little help from friends such as Bill Harry, Jim Berkenstadt (‘The Beatle Who Vanished, 2013), and others, Jude has merged the minds of some of the cream of the crop of other writers.  Jude remains humble, while producing an authoritative work irreplaceable in the Lennon cannon.  Roll up, and that’s an invitation for a magical tour of the life of Beatle Lennon.

Jude Southerland Kessler, author of The John Lennon Series will be addressing the White Album Conference at Monmouth University in Long Branch, New Jersey this weekend. Kessler will examine #9 factors that shaded John Lennon’s life in 1968 and made his songs on The White Album rather serious and at times, grim. On Saturday morning, 10 November, at 10:30 a.m., Kessler will share over 50 rare photos of Lennon and will play clips of his music in her discussion of “Lennon’s White: A Darker Shade of Pale.” Those who would like to “sample” the White Album Conference are invited to attend this one presentation, free of charge. It will last an hour and then be followed by a question and answer session. Kessler’s latest book in The John Lennon Series, Should Have Known Better (detailing Lennon’s life in 1964 with The Beatles) will be available to order at the conference. Attendees will enjoy free shipping. Kessler will also participate in a panel with authors Al Sussman and Bruce Spizer on Friday, 9 November, at 1:30 p.m. They will be discussing “1968: You Say You Want a Revolution.”

(Review by our Collaborator Robert Wilson)