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Happy Birthday dear Paul !


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New LIPA secondary school finally wins government approval after ‘appalling limbo’.
LIPA founder Paul McCartney said, ‘It’s great news to hear LIPA High School is finally launching in September. The team behind it are fantastic’
A delay over Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) opening a new secondary school has been overcome after the Department of Education finally gave it approval.

The institute spoke publicly of their frustrations in March over the wait for their proposals to be rubberstamped, describing how children were being left in an “appalling limbo.”

The well-known establishment wants to start teaching children from the ages of 11-16, adding to its higher education college, a primary school and a sixth form.

LIPA is set to send Year 7 and 8 pupils into a temporary home in their primary school, with future plans to build a new secondary school in years to come.
But in recent days, the Department of Education approved the plan, bringing an end to months of uncertainty, and meaning the school can open in September.

LIPA primary pupils will transition from the lower school over the next five years until it is fully populated from years 7 to 11.
Recruitment is currently underway to staff the school and most of the facilities required are in place.
Ruth Murphy, a parent and a governor of LIPA Primary said: “The year 6 pupils and parents at LIPA Primary are delighted and relieved to know that now they have the opportunity to continue their education at a school that has the same ethos and values as LIPA Primary.

“Some LIPA Primary pupils have decided to continue onto alternative choices secured in recent months.

“This means LIPA High School will also welcome a number of excited pupils from other primary schools who were on the waiting list to join.
“We are all so pleased to hear this decision – pupils who intend to continue on to LIPA High School or join from another primary are simply thrilled.’

Mark Featherstone-Witty, LIPA’s founding principal, said: “This is a day when a dream I had 28 years ago has come true: a symbiotic learning journey from 4 to 16 and even beyond.

“Just this bit of the dream has taken much longer than I ever thought it would; we made a few attempts to get this agreed and now we are finally there, seconds before the clock strikes twelve.

“The reward will be the effect that we have on children and their future lives.
LIPA said the high school was already heavily over-subscribed for September 2021 for the 52 places available.

Pupils are welcomed to apply for year 7 September 2022 via the usual admissions process, led by Liverpool City Council.


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Paul McCartney extended his message of congratulation to the Tbilisi café – which has participated in the Meat Free Mondays initiative co-founded by the artist – on Tuesday. Screenshot via Paul McCartney social media profile.

Café Mziuri, a cosy spot in a corner of one of Tbilisi’s most popular recreational parks, marked its five-year anniversary on World Children’s Day on Tuesday with a message of congratulation from none other than music legend Paul McCartney, with the singer and songwriter extending his support for the venue that has participated in the Meat Free Monday initiative co-founded by Paul.

McCartney shared his message to the Mziuri Park café on Tuesday, when the venue known for its projects for children and visitors with disabilities celebrated “[d]ay 1826 since the opening”, or five years of service in the park.

“Congratulations to the Mziuri Café for five successful years, and for all your support of Meat Free Monday! Here’s to the next five!”, the message from the singer’s Meat Free Monday said, before McCartney himself re-shared the post on Facebook.

The café has been a part of the worldwide move to urge people to skip eating meat for a day during their week in efforts to reduce climate-harming emissions and preserve resources. As part of their participation in the campaign, the Tbilisi spot has offered meatless meals and promoted vegetarian diet to visitors.

In reaction to the response by the former Beatles singer, Anna Goguadze, the Georgian children’s and disability activist known for her efforts for shaping the park and the café into spots welcoming and entertaining for kids, released her message to Tbilisi mayor Kakha Kaladze, asking the government member to facilitate a visit by McCartney to Mziuri.

Goguadze, who is at the centre of the five-year anniversary of the café, is also known for having long worked to bring the awareness of the small venue to McCartney – her idol – and his initiative for meat-free diets.

Over the years Café Mziuri has emerged into one of the highlights for socialisation in the park and contributed to causes such as expanding accessibility to blind and visually impaired visitors. The annual World Children’s Day events in Tbilisi have also become closely associated with the location of the café in the park.


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Paul McCartney is Helping People Grow Their Own Fruits and Vegetables in the UK for Better Health and Wellbeing
After a year in lockdown, growing fruits and vegetables at home has officially taken root—with more than half of adults cultivating their own produce during the past 12 months.
The trend is particularly popular among younger adults, with six in ten 18-to-34 year-olds growing their own—and now Paul and his family are spearheading an effort to increase the number even more, on behalf of the late Linda McCartney.

Saving money (32 percent), helping the environment (23 percent), being more sustainable (28 percent), and eating more fruit and veg (15 percent) are some of the reasons people are picking up trowels.

The poll, by Linda McCartney Foods, found 70 percent of adults want to grow even more produce at home but are unable to do so.

The biggest barrier is lack of space said 27 percent of those surveyed, with half of adults—including 66 percent of 18-to-34 year-olds—wishing they had a bigger garden area.

Another 13 percent simply wish they had a garden.

In order to help people like these, the vegetarian food company has announced its ‘Grow Your Own with Linda’s’ initiative.

The initiative is building ‘growing spaces’ in urban areas throughout Britain, the company told SWNS news, while a Grow Your Own Guide will soon be available on their website.

The wife of Paul for 29 years, until her death from cancer, Linda was a vegetarian and started Linda McCartney Foods almost three decades ago.

Paul said, “We’re so pleased to bring this initiative to people across the UK and continue the legacy of kindness that Linda set out with for her veggie food company 30 years ago.

“Linda aimed to show that being kind didn’t mean having to compromise on eating delicious food.

“Through this project, we hope we can empower more people across the UK to try growing, and eating their own. Dig in and have fun.”

Two thirds of survey participants enjoy growing so much that they would happily live off their own home-grown foods if they could.

Home growers already enjoy an average of three meals a week containing produce they’ve cultivated themselves.

It also emerged 72 percent believe growing your own food produce is good for mental health, and 68 percent agree it also encourages you to have a better diet.

Other benefits to home-grown food include giving you a reason to get outside (52 percent) and being more ethical than some mass-produced foods (29 percent).

And notably, 48 percent think home-grown tastes better than items purchased from shops.

However, the survey, carried out through OnePoll, found two thirds (66 percent) would like to have greater knowledge about growing the crops—with those aged 18 to 34 especially keen (77 percent).

Grower and gardener, Diarmuid Gavin, who is offering his expertise on the project, said, “This has been such a great initiative to be involved with especially at a moment when the outdoors and nature has become even more precious in lockdown.

“I hope the Grow Your Own Guide can be an inspiration for people in flats, tower blocks, and without much outdoor space to see just how much they can grow with their own hands and a few recycled containers.”


  1. Tomatoes
  2. Herbs
  3. Strawberries
  4. Carrots
  5. Runner beans
  6. Onions
  7. Apples
  8. Green beans
  9. Raspberries
  10. Cucumbers



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Paul McCartney and his wife Nancy Shevell enjoyed dinner with Andy Cohen in New York City on Monday evening.

Paul (far left) and Nancy(back, centre) were joined by a group of friends for the outing, including TV host Andy (right)

Paul and Nancy were joined by a group of friends for the outing, including TV host Andy, 52.

Paul and Andy gave each other a hug as they departed after the meal.


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Mary McCartney has fondly recalled memories of growing up in Sussex. Mary was raised by Paul and mum Linda on the family’s farm in Peasmarsh, near Rye. The stunning 160-acre plot – dubbed Blossom Wood Farm – was purchased by Paul in 1973.

Speaking ahead of National Vegetarian Week, Mary said watching children try chive leaves and parsley reminded her of her idyllic childhood.
Mary said she regularly snaffled peas from the vegetable patch.
“I thought it was really naughty of me to go and take them off, pick them open and eat them because they tasted so sweet,” she told.

Mary also revealed her reasons for championing a meat-free life are both the animal rights issues, and the environmental damage caused by meat production.

“Originally it was because, as a family, we were very conscious of where our food came from – my mum was a great cook and I didn’t want to eat animals or have anything killed for me to eat it,” she said. “When you’re a little girl you’re thinking, ‘I’m not going to eat Bambi’. “The industry and the bad impact on the environment added another element to my strength of feeling. “You might think a burger looks good, but can you really eat it knowing how it got to your plate?”

Last year, Mary spent lockdown isolating with dad Paul in Sussex.
Paul, was due to embark on a series of European concerts in 2020 including a Saturday night performance on the Somerset festival’s Pyramid Stage.
Instead, he spent lockdown on his farm in East Sussex with his daughter Mary and four grandchildren, recording his solo album, McCartney III.

In December, Paul revealed he regularly speaks to George Harrison through a tree at the entrance to his home in Peasmarsh. He told American radio presenter Mary Louise Kelly that the tree was given to him by George shortly before his death in 2001 and his spirit now inhabits it. Paul said he it brings him “comfort” to know his spirit lives on within the giant fir.