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A collection of rare photos of The Beatles during their stay at the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ashram was inaugurated by forest minister Harak Singh Rawat on Monday. Around 23 photos of The Fab Four contributed by Canadian film and TV producer Paul Saltzman who was in the ashram in February 1968 when the quartret stayed there were put on display.

In the photos, the iconic musicians in traditioanl Indian dress are either seen in solo portaits or sitting in meditation with the Maharishi or with their other celebrity friends. A special attraction of the exhibition was a group photograph of The Beatles sitting with the maharishi decked in flower garlands. Another iconic picture was the one of Maharishi on the cover of Time Magazine of 1975.
Sanatan Sonkar, director of the Rajaji Tiger Reserve, where the ashram is situated, said that actress Mia Farrow’s sister Prudence whom The Beatles mentioned in one of their songs had also visited the ashram a few days ago.
Anand Shrivastava, chairman of Mahrishi Foundation and nephew of Mahrishi Mahesh Yogi who was present on the occasion, told TOI, “I was just 8 year old when The Beatles came to the ashram. I remember the preparations that were made for the visit such as putting up of barbed wires around the periphery of the premises.”

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