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Coming soon.. Deluxe edition of #PaulMcCartney: “Flaming Pie”, 5CD + 2 DVD boxed set , 2CD, 2LP and 3LP Box Set limited edition, with Club Sandwich, The Flame, which is due out July 24.


Disc 1

1-The Song We Were Singing (CD 1)
2-The World Tonight
3-If You Wanna
5-Young Boy
6-Calico Skies

7-Flaming Pie
8-Heaven On A Sunday
9-Used To Be Bad
11-Little Willow

12-Really Love You
13-Beautiful Night
14-Great Day

Disc 2
1-The Song We Were Singing [Home Recording) (CD 2 – Demos & Home Recordings)
2-The World Tonight (Home Recording)
3-If You Wanna (Home Recording)
4-Somedays [Home Recording]

5-Young Boy [Home Recording]

6-Calico Skies [Home Recording] 7-Flaming Pie [Home Recording] 8-Souvenir [Home Recording] 9-Little Willow [Home Recording] 10-Beautiful Night [1995 Demo]

11-Great Day [Home Recording] Disc 3

1-Great Day [Acoustic] (CD 3 – Studio Tracks)
2-Calico Skies (Acoustic)

3-C’mon Down C’mon Baby

4-If You Wanna (Demo)

5-Beautiful Night [Run Through] 6-The Song We Were Singing [Rough Mix
7-The World Tonight [Rough Mix] 8-Little Willow [Rough Mix]

9-Whole Life [Rough Mix] 10-Heaven On A Sunday [Rude Cassette)

Disc 4

1-The Ballad Of The Skeletons (CD 4 – B-sides)
2-Looking For You


4-Love Come Tumbling Down
5-Same Love
6-Oobu Joobu Part 1
7-Oobu Joobu Part 2

8-Oobu Joobu Part 3
9-Oobu Joobu Part 4
10-Oobu Joobu Part 5

11-Oobu Joobu Part 6

Disc 5

1-Flaming Pie At The Mill (Spoken Word) (CD 5)

Disc 6

1-In The World Tonight (Documentary) (DVD 1)

Disc 7
1-Beautiful Night (DVD 2)
2-Making Of Beautiful Night
3-Little Willow

4-The World Tonight (Dir Alistair Donald)
5-The World Tonight (Dir Geoff Wonfor)
6-Young Boy [Dir Alistair Donald] 7-Young Boy [Dir Geoff Wonfor] 8-Flaming Pie Epk 1
9-Flaming Pie Epk 2

10-In The World Tonight Epk
11-Flaming Pie Album Artwork Meeting
12-Tfi Friday Performances
13-David Frost Interview

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