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By Posted on 0 25

Paul and Wings’ 1973 album, Red Rose Speedway, was originally envisioned as a double album, but was ultimately released as a condensed version. With this newly extended release, the “double album” has been re-created for the first time in it’s intended form.

Paul explained, “You know, this is actually how I recollect that double album. I don’t remember exactly why we changed it. Possibly because of the label. But, to be honest, it’s more likely that I would have just said it’s so much easier to deal with a single album. I mean, this one we’re making at the moment [Egypt Station], we’ve already said, ‘There’s too many tracks!’ But, ultimately we’ll pick the best and make it a single album. They’re so much easier to deal with. But it’s great the double album will finally get a release!”


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