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Geoff Emerick became an assistant engineer at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in 1962 at age fifteen, and was present as a new band called the Beatles recorded their first songs. He later worked with the Beatles as they recorded their singles “She Loves You” and “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” the songs that would propel them to international superstardom. In 1964 he would witness the transformation of this young and playful group from Liverpool into professional, polished musicians as they put to tape classic songs such as “Eight Days A Week” and “I Feel Fine.”


Then, in 1966, at age nineteen, Geoff Emerick became the Beatles’ chief engineer, the man responsible for their distinctive sound as they recorded the classic album Revolver, in which they pioneered innovative recording techniques that changed the course of rock history. Emerick would also engineer the monumental Sgt. Pepper and Abbey Road albums, considered by many the greatest rock recordings of all time.

Geoff Emerick was very kind. He talked with ‘BEATLES MAGAZINE’ about The Beatles of course, and he said:

Geoff Emerick:  “I had the pleasure and responsibility of working with The Beatles on so many of their recordings. In fact I was present in the recording studio for their very first session ever.

So you can trust I know good Beatles content when I come across it. If you google The Beatles you’ll bring up such a myriad of websites, you could spend a lot of time trying to find one that’s truly worthy of your attention.

I can direct you to a very good one indeed. Beatles Magazine has content that I enjoy myself and can recommend to every Beatles fan and aficionado.”


BM: Thank you so much Geoff.

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