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The reimagining of the cover art, with its famous gnomes, is now on public view in London’s Duke of York Square, King’s Road, Chelsea.
The release of the 50th anniversary deluxe editions of George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass is being marked by the recreation of its famous cover as a public, living art installation. It pays tribute to George’s love of nature, of gardening, and to his wry sense of humor.

The reimagining of the cover, with its famous gnomes, is now on public view in London’s Duke of York Square, King’s Road, Chelsea. Designed by renowned floral artist Ruth Davis, of All For Love London, it will be available to visit until August 20.
The interactive art features gigantic versions of two gnomes, the largest measuring five meters, which have been created out of flowers and foliage, bark, grasses and moss. They sit atop a large circle of turf in a meaningful and sacred shape, and are surrounded by the seasonal, impermanent beauty that Harrison embraced during his life.
In the center of the display is a wooden stool and a pair of rubber gardening boots of exaggerated size, similar to those on the All Things Must Pass cover. Visitors are invited to take a seat, put their feet in the boots and create their version of the classic album artwork while they enjoy the garden.

To further mark the deluxe releases, two smaller gnomes can be seen outside Abbey Road Studios, where the album was recorded in 1970, and another near Duke Of York Square, leading the way to the installation.

Says Olivia Harrison: “The missing Victorian gnomes just happened to be returned to Friar Park [Harrison’s home] the morning that George was setting up the album cover shot, and that is how they ended up at his feet and here today. I have heard a rumor that gnomes are looked down upon by some gardeners but who have gnomes ever harmed?”

Ruth Davis, CEO & Artistic Director, All For Love London, adds: “To be asked to recreate George Harrison’s iconic album cover as a horticultural sculpture was an amazingly creative, wonderful and slightly unexpected offer to receive in the middle of the pandemic. After a hard 16 months of Covid impacting our work, it has been an absolute joy to get creative with flowers and foliages again on such a large scale for a true British icon.

“The opportunity to create a fun-filled, large scale installation in the centre of London, for such an iconic British legend is a real pinch me moment. My dad is from Liverpool and a huge George Harrison and Beatles fan, so to be asked to work for the Harrison family and Universal Music on a project honouring George’s musical legacy through flowers is a real privilege.

“George was such a lover of gardens and flowers, that it means so much to be creating something so special out of his beloved nature,” Davis continues. “My talented team and I hope that we all do George proud and he is looking down from above on our giant gnome sculptures and smiling, as well as bringing a smile to passersby.”


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