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GEORGE HARRISON UNRELEASED RECORDING – of a track entitled “Hello Miss Mary Bee” recorded onto a reel to reel tape which includes other recordings of tracks The Beatles would have been working on at the time. A second reel to reel tape contains a recording of his “Wonderwall” album.

The two tapes come with a collection of correspondence to include postcards sent by George and his wife Patti Boyd to the vendor and a 6 page letter from Patti to the vendor. This incredible recording was made especially for the vendor whose name is “Mary Bee” back in early 1968 and was sent to her by George and Patti along with postcards and other recordings during 1967 & 1968. The song, which is approx 1 minute 40 seconds long, was recorded on an Emidisc Reel 2 Reel tape in 1968 at “Kinfauns” and is very much in the Indian style of the music that he was heavily influenced by and producing around the time of his first studio album “Wonderwall”.

The case of this tape has writing on which reads “Tape to Mary Bee”. The “Wonderwall” tape again has writing on the box which reads “Music from the film Wonderwall for Mary Bee”. The 6 page letter is a great read and has numerous references to the tapes. Patti talks about George working on the “Wonderwall” soundtrack and at one stage says she can’t send a tape of the music but then corrects herself (after speaking to George) to say that “George will tape his music”. She also says that George has “just come into the kitchen singing Mary Bee, Mary Bee about to make a lovely cup of tea”. There are 3 postcards from Patti & George included in the lot which are all addressed to Mary Bee and have been sent from India. The postcards mention where George & Patti have visited, how they are having their first yoga lesson and that she has been thinking of Mary when meditating.


On one George has written “Hello Mary – love George”. One of the postcards also starts by asking “Did you get the tapes?”. Tape 1 – Side 1 Contents: Track 1 – Never before heard track “Well Hello Miss Mary Bee”. 1.40 in duration. Track 2 – Beatles Across The Universe – runs from 2.16 to 5.40. Different to released version – faster, differing instrumentation and backing vocals. Recorded 4th Feb 1968. Track 3 – Beatles Inner Light – runs from 5.50 to 8.21 – again different to released version. Instrumental recorded in India during Jan 68. George vocals recorded at same time as Across the Universe in Feb 68. Released 15th March 1968 as b-side to Lady Madonna. Track 4 – Beatles Lady Madonna – runs from 8.27 to 10.41. Same as release. Recorded Feb 68 and released 15th March 1968. Track 5 – Instrumental Indian music – runs from 10.456 to 23.17 Track 6 – Beatles All Together 23.20 to 25.10 and continues on Side 2 from 0.00 to 0.35 Sounds same as released. Recorded May 67′ but not released until Jan 69′. Tape 1 – Side 2 Contents Track 7 – Beatles Christmas Time is Here Again – runs from 00.37 to 6.45 – as per 1967/68 flexi disc release. Recorded May 1967. Track 8 – Beatles Strawberry Fields – runs from 6.49 to 10.49 – same as release. Recorded Nov/Dec 1966. Track 9 onwards – Bob Dylan recordings – from 10.54 to 24.45. Appear to be same as albums/single releases. Includes a letter of provenance from the vendor along with her transcribed lyrics for the song.


Estimate: 10,000 GBP – 20,000 GBP

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