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Give More Love is Ringo Starr’s 19th solo album since The Beatles disbanded.
Give More Love picks up where his last studio album, 2015s Postcards From Paradise left off. Using many of the same musicians from his last album, and several from his current All Starr Tour, Ringo has returned with an album containing a few surprises. Getting a great deal of attention is the fact that Paul McCartney plays on two songs, the rocking “We’re On The Road Again” and the ballad “Show Me The Way”. McCartney and Starr have guested on each other’s albums several times going back to Starr’s Ringo album released in 1973. Although it is not a huge surprise, it is nice to hear the two Beatles playing together again and they sound fantastic.

Ringo teams up with former All Starrs, such as Peter Frampton and Joe Walsh, and even Dave Stewart makes a return. Ringo gets a chance to co-write with these artists, as well as Steve Lukather, a current member of The All Starrs.

Since 1997, Ringo has co-produced his albums. As with his last album, he is producing it on his own, and even had a hand in mixing it, with long time collaborator Bruce Sugar. Ringo has learned a great deal about production over the years, and this album sounds fantastic. Nostalgic, yet current, and the mix is perfect. This is quite an accomplishment when you are mixing some of rock’s legends playing together. Yet Ringo does, and the album sounds like a group project throughout.

The songs are what you would expect from Ringo, straight rock and roll and some ballads. Lyrically the songs range from peace anthems (one of the many highlights “Give More Love”), love songs (“Show Me The Way”) and autobiographical songs (“Electricity”).
A new release from Ringo is always worthy of a celebration, but what makes this album a little more special from his last album are the four bonus songs. A new version of “Back Off Boogaloo”, based on the original writing demo Ringo recently found when moving house. Along with Joe Walsh and Jeff Lynne, he has built a new version which also includes clever use of the original 1972 release. Ringo also works with the indie artist Vandaveer to record new versions of “Don’t Pass Me By” and “Photograph”. While neither top the originals, they are both fresh and vibrant and sound stunning. He also enlists Anglo-Swedish rockers Alberta Cross to record a new version of the obscure song “Can’t Fight Lightning”. Again, not as good as the original 1980 recording, but new and different life is breathed into the song and it is a welcome addition to Give More Love.

Ringo is 77, and currently touring and continues to issue a new album every other year. This year will also see the release of two older albums on vinyl. One, Bad Boy, has been out of print since 1978, and the other, I Wanna Be Santa Claus, has never been on vinyl.
GIVE MORE LOVE is a brilliant album.







First new CD in over 2 years includes two songs with #PAULMCCARTNEY!The album was recorded in his home studio in LA,features members from his current All Starr band, #paulmccartney #JoeWalsh, #EdgarWinter #SteveLukather #PeterFrampton #RichardMarx #GlenBallard #DaveStewart, #DonWas #TimothyBSchmit #GaryBurr and more. Ringo Co-wrote all tracks with all different friends, and 4 bonus tracks are re-workings of:Back Off Boogaloo, Don’t Pass Me By, You Can’t Fight Lightning & Photograph!


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