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The Love Theatre at the Mirage is a marvel of showmanship. It has 2,013 seats, making it the biggest venue of all the Cirque du Soleil productions on the Las Vegas Strip, and yet the farthest seat is only 98 feet from the tip of the in-the-round stage. Twenty-four digital projectors were added during last year’s upgrade and refresh of “The Beatles Love” — part of the show’s 10-year anniversary celebration — bringing the total number to 52 projectors, the largest installation of its kind in North America. There are more than 200 moving lights in the theater, which seems like a lot until you find out there are 6,400 speakers — including two in the headrest of your seat.

All of these items of information may sound impressive but don’t really mean much unless you’re sitting inside the Love Theatre, and that’s the idea behind the new Magical Technical Tour, a 30-minute behind-the-scenes experience you can have for free at 1 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays. This is the first time Cirque du Soleil is opening these doors to the public for this look inside the celebrated show, one of the most beloved on the Strip.

Among the cool parts are watching the unique stage-in-the-round shift and move like a Transformer and a soundsystem demo that shows off the capabilities of all those speakers — the objective, after all, was to create the ideal environment to hear the Beatles’ music. “The Beatles Love” soundtrack won a Grammy for Sir George Martin in 2008 and was remixed and refreshed by his son Giles Martin in 2016.

The finale is the production’s opening number “Get Back,” performed by the theater only. With no artists onstage, the viewer can truly understand how the venue is one of the stars of the show.




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