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Items valued at more than $18,000

Collector guitars signed by rock and roll legends such as Eric Clapton and Van Halen were recently stolen from a storage unit in Daytona Beach. “I hate thieves. They’re the worst on earth so I’m glad that he got caught and I’m excited about getting my guitar back,” Jack Baker said.

Jack Baker lives out of state and stored his precious memorabilia he bought online at the storage facility while he renovates his Florida home. “Something in my brain told me that it would be better taking it to Hyde Park because it’s built like a fortress,” said Baker.

Officials from the Daytona Beach Police Department said the crime was reported on Dec. 20, 2019, after someone came to the unit at Hyde Park Storage Suites and noticed the eight instruments were missing. The crime likely occurred sometime between October and Dec. 17, 2019, but it’s unclear exactly when. Police said the following items were stolen:

A blue Fender electric guitar signed by the Rolling Stones valued at $3,670
A black Fender electric guitar signed by Eric Clapton valued at $3,024
A Fender electric guitar signed by U2 valued at $2,916
A red California SG electric guitar signed by Van Halen valued at $2,052
An electric sunburst guitar signed by Paul McCartney valued at $2,100
A dark green electric guitar signed by Bob Dylan valued at $1,620
An American flag electric guitar valued at $3,250
A bottle of Rolling Stones vodka
Other items in the unit were not taken or disturbed. Police said they dusted for fingerprints and were able to find some evidence.

On Tuesday, police said they recovered the Van Halen guitar and the Bob Dylan guitar but they’re still looking for the others. A man who was found pawning the guitars is in custody, according to authorities.The manager at O.K. Pawn Shop said Jeremy Andrewlavage walked in with one of the guitars and wanted $200 for it. The manager called his guitar expert to find out its worth but it was really police on the line.”It’s not uncommon for people who have stolen goods to try and pawn it for a quick buck,” said Messod Bendayan, Daytona Beach Police Department.

Authorities learned on Tuesday that a guitar signed by Bob Dylan they recovered days ago in a separate case also belongs to Baker. Police said there isn’t any surveillance video at the facility but Baker said he’s going to invest in his own security system, as police continue to investigate.“We’re hoping this person (Jeremy Andrewlavage) will lead us to the other guitars that we’re looking for,” said Bendayan.


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