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It was part of Kelley’s bucket list to visit as many places as possible and it all happened by chance
A house where John Lennon used to live as a child has now been converted into an AirBnB and guests can soon stay there.

The Grade II listed building on Allerton Road was owned by George Smith, the husband of John Lennon’s Aunt Mimi.

John stayed at the home as an infant with his mother, Julia and after his mother’s death would frequently visit the house and his family.
Kelley Kupfer – who is from America – bought the property on Allerton Road, Woolton by chance after wanting to fulfil a bucket list after a severe illness.
The retired nurse suffered from a brain tumour a number of years ago which left her blind for nine months and affected her speech.

As part of her bucket list, the 60-year-old went on a guided tour and shortly afterwards was told to meet Jackie Spencer – a Beatles expert in Liverpool.

Kelley said: “This journey started for me three years ago and illness which took me a very long time to recover from and initially I lost my sight and it took nine months to get my sight back.
“My speech was much worse and I would sound like a broken record and say the same thing over and over again.As I was recovering those same things got better and my eyesight came back at that time I said to my husband I don’t know if this is going to happen again or what the future holds but I would really like to embark on fulfilling my bucket list. So that’s how it all began I wanted to go back to places I had been and always wanted to go back to and wanted to visit places that I hadn’t been or wanted to visit.”
After a guided tour of Liverpool’s top Beatle’s hotspots, Kelley wondered why nobody had started an AirBnB to let people into the homes.

It was then in 2016 the property went on the market for a cool £325,000 with Whitegate’s Woolton branch and the 60-year-old snapped it up. She added: “I was flabbergasted no one has jumped on that and opened one [AirBnB] up.

“The closest thing to it was the Hard Days Night and it is not a true connection – but don’t get me wrong I stayed there many times. “This just came up and if I had not been so ill, I would never have gone on my travels I would never have come to Liverpool likely and I would certainly never have entertained the thought of purchasing a property here.But it was because of that and going through something like that, that your whole perception of life changes.I never thought I would ever meet John’s family and they wanted to visit – they hadn’t been here in nearly 50 years.”
Now in a huge restoration, Kelley has transformed the Grade II listed building with the help of Jackie and Lennon’s family – cousin, David Birch and sister, Julia Baird.

Despite not being a particular fan of the Beatles, the retired nurse has filled the house with carefully thought memorabilia and some never seen before pictures provided by Lennon’s family.
The furniture also is set in the way The Beatles’ family had it when they lived there with frames and plaques to explain the artifacts placed around the home.

In the back garden there is also a soundproof recording studio, where bands and artists can record their songs or just want to chill out and play some tunes.
The rooms have also been given titles after family members names who lived there.

Kelley said: “Naively after the purchase had gone through I was sitting in the States and I thought I was going to throw a bit of paint on the walls and gets some new furniture and rent it out and put it on Trip Advisor. “But as soon as I walked through the door – I was stunned and I thought what have I gotten myself into? But it has become a labour of love and has been my baby – I couldn’t have done it without John’s family and their blessing.”

The home will be listed on Host So Simple – a AirBnB Management in Liverpool in the next couple of days. However, the house will not be taking bookings until later this year.


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