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New 2 CD Deluxe reissue of John Lennon´s classic “Imagine” album is scheduled to be released TOMORROW, October 5th.

This new 2 CD set features the complete album plus some stray single and other songs on Disc 1 newly remixed with Disc 2 featuring some tasty element mixes of the songs as well as out-takes of each song on the album.

The Remix: Disc 1


Crippled Inside

Jealous Guy

It’s So Hard

I Don’t Want to Be a Soldier Mama I Don’t Wanna Die

Gimme Some Truth

Oh My Love

How Do You Sleep?


Oh Yoko!

Power to the People

Well … (Baby Please Don’t Go)

God Save Us

Do the Oz

God Save Oz

Happy Xmas (War is Over)


Disc 2 – Elements and Out-takes 

Imagine (elements mix)

Jealous Guy (elements mix)

Oh My Love (elements mix)

How? (elements mix) 

Imagine (demo)

Imagine take 1

Crippled Inside take 3 

Crippled Inside – take 6 with alt guitar solo

Jealous Guy – take 9

It’s So Hard – take 6 

I Don’t Want to Be a Soldier Mama I Don’t Wanna Die–take 11

Gimme Some Truth – take 4 

Oh My Love – take 6

How Do You Sleep? – takes 1 & 2

How – take 31

Oh Yoko! (Bahamas 1969)

Power to the People – take 7 

God Save Us – demo

Do the Oz – take 3

Happy Xmas (War is Over) (alt mix)





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