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As we celebrate Father’s Day today, Julian and Sean have paid tribute to their dad with a couple of touching childhood photos.
Julian Lennon, shared a picture as a boy with his dad.
The father and son are seen sitting on a sun lounger, with Julian in a towel from having been for a swim.
While John is shown wearing a Mickey Mouse T-shirt, hat and his iconic round sunglasses.

As for Sean, he shared a childhood photo with his dad across eight Instagram posts.
Sean’s snap shows a bearded John in sunglasses and a Panama hat, while holding up his son in a Hawaiian shirt.

Last October marked what would have been John Lennon’s 80th birthday and his sons took part in a special BBC Radio 2 programme to celebrate their father.

Both Paul McCartney and Elton John took part, sharing fond memories of their dear friend.

During the interview, Sean asked Julian if he remembered when he first realised that their dad was in The Beatles.
Julian said: “I guess [I realised] dad was a different character. Even back in the day at Kenwood when I was two or three and I used to go to Kindergarten.

“The gates at the lower driveway of the property – there would be fans there every morning; screaming outside the doors at that point.”
He shared how he would toddle through the front gates, past fans, on his way to visit the maid’s kids.

He added: “They were all very protective and kind fans. Mostly women, of course. Even then you realise, ‘okay, something’s up’.”
Sean also shared when he first realised their dad was famous and a member of The Beatles.
He said: “I remember Dad playing guitar and playing piano.”
He too remembered lots of fans waiting around outside their home to get autographs.

Additionally, Julian shared how in 1968 he attended The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus with his parents.

Julian, who was just 5-years-old at the time, said: “I remember high ceilings and all I could see was a corridor and a purple light shining around a corner. “I just remember hearing Whiter Shade of Pale and that stuck with me forever. There are flickering memories of being there.”

He even met The Rolling Stones’ Brian Jones there, who died a year later at the age of just 27.

While John played in a supergroup called The Dirty Mac alongside Eric Clapton, Mitch Mitchell and Keith Richards.


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