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The film documents the couple’s unique and enduring relationship and the creation of the 1971 album ‘Imagine.’

The documentary John & Yoko: ABOVE US ONLY SKY will be released on DVD, Blu-ray and digital by Eagle Vision on 13 September. The feature-length film, directed by the Emmy Award-winning Oscar nominee Michael Epstein, tells the untold story of John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s unique and enduring relationship and the creation of the 1971 album Imagine.

The film explores the way that John and Yoko’s art, activism, politics and music shaped their creative and personal relationship. It features a compelling new commentary that plots the creative path that they shared en route to Imagine, to the innovative film of the same name and to Ono’s remarkable Fly album. The record was produced by the pair and released in the same month as Imagine, in September 1971.

Viewers are invited to take a deep dive into previously unreleased recordings that include the first demo of the anthemic title song of Imagine. Unseen film of the time is complemented by archive and brand new interviews, including an exclusive new conversation with Yoko. ABOVE US ONLY SKY describes the challenges faced by John and Yoko in their respective childhoods and how they found redemption in their love and art.

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