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John Lennon’s iconic ‘bed peace’ cardboard placard is among the most expensive pieces of music merchandise ever sold.

John Lennon achieved global success and a legion of fans.

His legacy and impact on the music industry are still relevant today, so it’ll come as no surprise that memorabilia from his life sells for a hefty sum.

According to online valuers valuemystuff, there are four important factors to bear in mind if you’re looking to auction off your old pop and rock memorabilia; condition, provenance, demand – and your own patience.

Awesome Merchandise, who make everything from personalised apparel to pin badges, have compiled the top five most unique and costly items of music merchandise ever sold – which includes Lennon’s cardboard placard.

In 1969, pacifist Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono took to their bed for two weeks to protest against the Vietnam War.
The couple held two week-long Bed-ins for Peace, one at the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam and one at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal. Both were created as part of efforts to demonstrate nonviolent protest against wars.
The public protest and attention surrounding it was filmed and later turned into a documentary titled Bed Peace.
And a placard, drawn and coloured by Lennon himself and used during the protest, sold for a whopping £97,250 back in 2008.

Luke Hodson, Founder of Awesome Merchandise commented: “Fans love buying and collecting merchandise because it makes us feel part of an exclusive community and gives us a sense of belonging. Merch can even transport us back in time and remind us of a specific memory.

“During the pandemic, it’s been one of the only ways fans have been able to show their support for their favourite artists too, which just highlights how important it is.”

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