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John Lennon once wrote a heartwarming Christmas letter to his first wife Cynthia, according to unearthed reports.

When he died he was married to Yoko Ono, but an uncovered letter from 1958 revealed the strength of feeling John had for his girlfriend and, later his first wife, Cynthia Powell.
Writing in Vanity Fair in 2012, Bruce Handy revealed how the music icon wished his love interest a Happy Christmas.

Mr Handy wrote how he “was particularly moved by a painfully sweet, eight-page Christmas card” he sent to Cynthia, revealed in ‘The John Lennon Letters’ by editor Hunter Davies and published by Pete Townsend and Neil Young.
The reporter explained: “Under the heading OUR FIRST XMAS!, he drew the two of them standing close, heads together, his hand laid gently on her arm, he in long sideburns and pegged pants, she in a checked miniskirt, looking very much like a potential first couple of not-yet-swinging London.”
John was 18 at the time.

On the sixth page, he wrote: “I love you so don’t leave me I love you so don’t leave leave don’t leave me I love you Cynthia.”
In 1962 he wrote another letter to Cynthia, adding: “It’s Sunday afternoon. I’ve just wakened up … Paul’s leaping about on my head (he’s in a bunk on top of me and he’s snoring!) I can hardly get in a position to write it’s so cramped below stairs captain.
“Shurrup McCartney! Grunt grunt.”
John added he would rather be “on the way to your flat with the Sunday papers and choccies”.
He later commented: “Oh yes! I forgot to tell you I’ve got a GEAR suede overcoat with a belt so I’ll look just like you now!”

As Mr Handy remarked: “Lennon wasn’t much of a letter writer, it turns out; he was more of a jotter and list-maker, a sender of terse, wish-you-were-here style postcards.
“Many of the entries here are perfunctory at best.”

John married Cynthia in 1962. They had one child together, Julian Lennon, but the two of them divorced in 1968. John started a controversial and incredibly high-profile relationship with Yoko – which was often berated by fans and blamed for The Beatles split.
The two of them had a son as well, called Sean.
Both Yoko and Cynthia were devastated in the wake of John’s murder, and became friends.
In 2005 Cynthia wrote a book called ‘John’ about her late ex-husband, detailing their ten year relationship and John’s rise to the top. She died ten years later from cancer.

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