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The Beatles shared a video on their official Instagram account in which John Lennon, seems to have written history without knowing it, a video that marked the beginning of The Beatles’ successful career. In the video, The Beatles are seen performing at the annual Royal Variety Show which is staged in front of the members of the Royal Family.

The caption of the video starts with John Lennon’s idea that they should go through their old compositions as they might be sitting on a gold mine. It turns out that the visionary John Lennon was right.

Here’s what the caption says:

“‘One of these days we must sort through our old compositions. We might be sitting on a goldmine! Some of them might stand a chance. Meanwhile, we go on writing – mainly for our next LP.’ John, April 1963 ⁠

This, the band’s appearance on the annual Royal Variety Show was, in publicity terms, the biggest night of their career so far. ⁠Staged in front of members of the Royal Family, the show was watched in almost every home in Britain.”

Furthermore, in the caption, The Beatles’ official Instagram account has included the description of the iconic moment that The Beatles would be remembered for, even after all those years. Before performing their last show, John introduced the song ‘Twist and Shout‘ and asked for the audience’s help.

While he asked the people in the cheaper seats to clap their hands, Lennon humorously asked the more wealthy ones to just rattle their jewelry. Aside from amusing their audience, this introduction became an iconic moment for the Beatles and everyone was talking about it the next day.


Here’s how the caption continued:

“⁠John’s famous introduction to the band’s last song was *the* moment of The Beatles’ early TV career – the following day, everyone was talking about it: ⁠
⁠‘For our last number, I’d like to ask for your help. The people in the cheaper seats clap your hands. And the rest of you, if you’d just rattle your jewelry. We’d like to sing a song called, Twist And Shout.’ ⁠

Despite The Beatles’ continued success, they refused all further requests to appear on the show. Go to the link in our bio to hear the full version of ‘From Me To You’⁠”

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