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Whether snapping daily life in Cuba or members of the Irish rock band U2, photographer and singer Julian Lennon says the pictures he most likes taking are spontaneous.

“The ones that really I enjoy the most are … spur of the moment,” Julian said.

Julian is sharing a selection of his photos in a virtual exhibition called “Vision” on the website of Aston Martin Residences in Miami.

“It’s about… giving people a glimpse into other worlds that they may never get to see,” he said.

Lennon remembers one specific moment he says had a big impact on his work: one late afternoon in 2010, while lying on the floor, Lennon photographed U2 lead singer Bono – with a picture of John Lennon behind him.

“Initially I thought ‘oh, that’s a ‘Lennon sandwich’ but that wouldn’t have been a good title, of course,” he joked.

“But I just thought, ‘oh my God, this is someone to look up to. He (Bono) was a massive fan of dad’s as I was and I was a massive fan of his as well so it was just the moment that really switched my focus on how to photograph things.”

Lennon, also known for his music and charity work, held his first photo exhibition in New York in 2010.

Among his photos showing at “Vision” are Caribbean sunsets, murals in Colombia, U2 working on songs and South African swimmer Charlene Wittstock getting ready for her civil wedding to Prince Albert of Monaco.

“I think why the likes of the U2 boys and others have trusted me being around them is because I’ve been through that mill… whether it’s paparazzi or otherwise,” Lennon said.

“And I know that when you’re in the creative zone, whether that’s music or otherwise, that you don’t want distractions.”

Lennon was five when his parents separated. His father’s bandmate Paul McCartney famously wrote “Hey Jude” as a comfort for him.

“It’s a love-hate relationship with ‘Hey Jude’,” he said. “It’s great appreciation… but it’s a sad memory too.”


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