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The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts has launched a multi-million pound legal action against a Liverpool building company.
Nobles Construction, a well known Liverpool building company, recently entered into administration with the loss of around 50 jobs.

The Wavertree -based company is mired in a long-running legal dispute with the city’s world famous performing arts institute LIPA, whose patron is Paul McCartney.
Nobles Construction agreed to complete a refurbishment of a building at 68 Hope Street, which LIPA was set to move into.
However the two parties became involved in a dispute over the time it took Nobles to do the work. The dispute resulted in three adjudications over recent years, which all favoured Nobles.

Court documents have now revealed that:
LIPA has launched a civil action in the High Court against Nobles seeking damages of around £1.8m.
LIPA has contested the adjudications that favoured Nobles and awarded them extension periods to complete the work
A key section of the claim form ( paragraph 55) reads: “Nobles failed to complete sections 1 and 2 of the works by the section 1 and 2 completion dates. Rather Nobles only achieved sectional completion.”
Nobles has contested the claims made by LIPA.

Their defence reads: “As to paragraph 55, it is denied that the defendant “failed to complete sections 1 and 2 of the works by the completion dates” as it is denied that the defendant could have been under any obligation, in light of the delays caused by the claimant to the progress of the defendant’s work to meet these original dates.
“The parties clearly agreed that the completion dates were to be updated, and or amended to reflect the delays of the project.”


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