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Listen back to a rare interview between George Harrison and Michael Jackson from 1979

Listen an interview involving Michael Jackson and George Harrison.
Appearing on BBC Radio 1 in 1979, the recording had been initially discarded by the broadcasting company who decided only to keep hold of a short clip sample. Now, however, work has been completed on the full restoration of the clip.


In what will be aired as a ‘BBC Radio Solent Special’, the company released the clip 40 years after it was first recorded in a programme that has been titled ‘When George Met Michael’.
The show sees both Harrison and Jackson in a discussion about their influences and techniques as well as reviewing new releases of the time. The topics of the conversation included the likes of The Blues Brothers, Nicolette Larson and so much more.

The real moments of joy come when both musicians share stories and inspiration behind their own material- at this time, George was biding his time and waiting to release a new record.

Presenter David “Kid” Jensen said both musicians were “lovely guys to talk to”. “We knew we had a good show on our hands just by the general vibe in the studio before the mics went live,” he told the BBC.

“It was like Juke Box Jury – people judging their peers. In the case of the Beatles and Michael Jackson, of course, it’s not quite their peers but certainly [people] in the same line of business.” Whatever your feelings on either artist, it’s hard to ignore their unbelievable impact on pop music.

Listen back to George Harrison’s 1979 interview with Michael Jackson…. HERE.

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