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By Posted on 0 16

The 65-year-old ‘Star Wars’ legend – who starred in the original trilogy as Luke Skywalker alongside Harrison Ford and the late Carrie Fisher – is constantly approached by fans who want to tell him about their extensive collection of items related to the universe created by George Lucas, with some original toys worth thousands.

Hamill can understand the urge to collect because he has purchased countless items inspired by The Fab Four.

Speaking to British GQ, the actor said: “Basically I started collecting things that I wanted when I was a kid but couldn’t get them so I got all the Monster Model and Kits that I wanted. The Beatles, I never paid any attention to their merchandising except for their records. Of course the minute they broke up, I wanted all that stuff. So I have a pretty nice Beatles memorabilia collection. That was my ‘Star Wars’.”

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