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Brooke Halpin interview, by Bob Wilson

BW: Brooke, will you tell us about your fine tome, A Magical Mystery Tour. We hear through the Beatles grapevine that something new is up regarding it. But before we get to that, please describe the book, will you?
BH: Actually, to avoid confusion, we changed the name to A Magical Mystery Time so people will know it’s not the Beatles movie. AMMT is about growing up with the Beatles in the 60s, when they were together, recording their songs, performing live and appearing in their movies. For those of you were experienced the Beatles then, you know how magical it was, to hear their exciting, amazing songs for the first time. And for those of you who didn’t, my book is a realistic vehicle for you to discover what the Beatle magic was all about.
BW: Now you have also written a screenplay in that work. What is afoot regarding that?
BH: I had the good fortune to meet Robert Fitzpatrick about 12 years ago. Robert was hired by Brian Epstein and was an attorney for the Beatles. Robert was the president of Allied Artists, the film company who produced Cabaret among many others. I met up with a writer, Frank Thrumond and he and I co-wrote the screenplay adaptation and I gave it to Robert. He loved it and we signed a distribution deal with Allied Artists. At the same time, we had an investor who wanted to put up a million dollars so we could go into preproduction. Unfortunately, the investor reduced his investment to $50,000 and we were unable to raise the money to make the film. However, because movies about the Beatles continue to be made and are profitable, Allied Artists is in the process of raising the funds.
BW: If this becomes a big hit on the silver screen, will you remain humble, or become unconscionable?
BH: Oh, come on Bob! You know me. I’ll never change and Hollywood wouldn’t go to my head.
BW: Tell us what’s up on your radio show? Spare us no details?
BH: It’s hard to believe that my radio show, Come Together with the Beatles and yours truly, is approaching being on the air for 5 years. I have listeners throughout the world – London, Liverpool, France, Greece, South America and every state in the U.S. It gives me pleasure to know that so many people enjoy my show. They make it all worthwhile. It was exciting to have Ringo, Julia Baird, Laurence Juber, Spencer Davis and Ivor Davis, plus many other guests on thru the years. Listeners can hear my show on Saturday and Sundays at 12 noon pacific at
BW: You’re are going on yet another new trip? Where will this trip take you, and what is the rea for your trip?
BH: I’m going to Boston to record music and lyrics for a new film, yet to be titled. Maybe the title should be A Horse with No Name?
BW: Ha! Or A Film with No Name!
BH: Good one, Bob.
BW: Tell us about your earlier book, Do You Really Know The Beatles?
BH: Oh, yes Bob, we have had lots of fun with that quiz book on your radio shows. People continue to buy it so I guess they enjoy the challenge of trying to answer the 540 questions.
BW: And I know your most recent book is Experiencing the Beatles – A Listener’s Companion. Where are your books available?
BH: They are available on Amazon. Experiencing the Beatles is a companion to all the songs the Beatles recorded for the U.S. market.
BW: Yes, I know you have written some unknown information about all those everlasting Beatles songs. Well, Brooke, thanks for your time. It’s always fun talking with you.
BH: It’s my pleasure.

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