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Recording: I Me Mine
Saturday 3 January 1970 Studio 2
Studio Two, EMI Studios, Abbey Road
Producer: George Martin
Engineer: Phil McDonald

John was vacationing in Denmark the evening that George, Paul and Ringo convened at EMI’s Abbey Road facility with George Martin one last time.



Although The Beatles’ last recording session as a quartet had taken place on 20 August 1969, there were several other sessions involving one or more members up until April 1970.

Paul, George and Ringo regrouped at EMI Studios to complete the Get Back album, as it was then called. John was holidaying in Denmark, but had left the group by this time.

They worked on “I Me Mine” which George was filmed playing to Ringo during the Let It Be film. As it was to be included in the film’s final cut, it was necessary for the song to appear on the accompanying album.




Paul, George and Ringo worked from 2.30pm until 12.15am the following morning. Sixteen takes of the song’s rhythm track were recorded, with acoustic guitar, bass and drums, plus a guide vocal from George.

The group performed an instrumental jam after take six, and prior to take 12 Harrison led them through a version of Buddy Holly’s Peggy Sue Got Married. Before take 15, George delivered a mock press statement containing a reference to John’s absence.

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