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Little Steven Van Zandt invited Paul onto the stage at his Disciples of Soul concert at The Roundhouse in London, Nov. 4. They then performed The Beatles song “I Saw Her Standing There” together.

The “unfinished business” comment presumably referred to a 2012 concert by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band at which a guest appearance by Paul was cut short by concert organizers.

“We love you, Stevie. We love your band,” Paul said after the song was over.

After the show, Disciples of Soul saxophonist Ed Manion posted a message on Facebook that read, in part, “I was 11 years old when I first heard the Beatles and probably the reason like many of my friends that I play the saxophone. So much fun tonight …”

Van Zandt and Springsteen joined Paul for the same song at a Madison Square Garden concert by McCartney, Sept. 15.

The London show kicked off a European tour by Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul that will last for about five weeks.

You can watch a video of the performance, below:




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