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Paul doesn’t think about retiring because “work is play” to him.

Paul has no plans to follow in the footsteps of Sir Elton John by quitting touring the world, as getting on stage each night still brings him so much joy.
However, Paul he has admitted he did contemplate calling it a day in 2007, when he was 65.
That year, Macca completed just a mini six-date tour of intimate shows in the US and Europe to promote the release of the ‘Memory Almost Full’ album.

Asked if the thought has ever crossed his mind, he told the latest issue of Q magazine: “Inevitably you do, I mean, I had those thoughts at 65.
“Which is a while ago. ‘Cos 65 is the retirement age. In my world, in the working class.”
When reminded that it has been pushed back to 66 now, he added: “Oh they moved it? Hey, they can move it as far as they like, I don’t mind.’Cos my work is play. Seems to be working OK.”
Paul is set to release his brand new studio album ‘Egypt Station’ in September this year – which will mark his first album in five years, following 2013’s ‘New’ – but has a packed summer already with plans to do several “little gigs” before his record hits shelves.
He said: “We’re going to do some little gigs in July, don’t know what those are going to be yet. Note to self, must try and figure it out ’cause they’re approaching fast and then we do some bigger productions and things after that.”
Paul tries to stay optimistic in his life, and thinks most people “worry” too much about things that “probably won’t happen”.
He said: “I’m always trying to be optimistic and I am always pretty optimistic… There’s an expression somebody said to me once ‘I’m an old man with many worries, most of which never happen’ and I think that can be very true. We do worry worry worry worry about things… and people around us worry and I’ll often say this to someone whose worrying about something, I say don’t worry, you know it’s probably not going to happen, it’ll be ok. So yeah, I’m somewhere in the middle. I am optimistic, but I’m a realist so I try and keep this check on me that just doesn’t allow myself to get carried away with ‘oh it’s just all roses and sunshine’. I know it’s going to rain, I know the winter’s coming round. I know about that stuff for me to keep a check on myself and just think land somewhere in the middle of all of this and you’ll be ok.”

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