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Paul McCartney said during a recent interview on NPR that he communicates with his late friend and Beatles bandmate George Harrison, who died from lung cancer in November 2001, through a fir tree the guitarist gave him as a present. McCartney suggested that Harrison “entered that tree” for him.

During the interview, Paul recalled that George, was “very into horticulture” and “a really good gardener”.

“As I was leaving the house this morning, I get out of the car, close the gate and look up at the tree and say, ‘hi, George!’ And there he is growing strongly. And then, you know, that takes me back to the time when I hitchhiked with him and all - you know, they're an ever-present presence. And that's the way to say it,” McCartney said. “It’s lovely. He gave it to me, so I just planted it. But then as the years go by, every time I look at it, I go, ‘that's the tree George gave me’”.

Paul added that his late late bandmate “has sort of entered that tree” for him.

“I hope he’s happy with that,” said Paul, who dropped a new album called ‘McCartney III’ earlier this month.

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