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Due out May 17 is the Explorer’s Edition of Egypt Station with the music from the Traveller’s Edition suitcase, 2CDs/ 3LPs, with four live tracks at Abbey Road, The Cavern Club, LIPA and Grand Central Station.


CD 1
1. Opening Station
2. I Don’t Know
3. Come On To Me
4. Happy With You
5. Who Cares
6. Fuh You
7. Confidante
8. People Want Peace
9. Hand In Hand
10. Dominoes
11. Back In Brazil
12. Do It Now
13. Caesar Rock
14. Despite Repeated Warnings
15. Station II
16. Hunt You Down/Naked/C-Link

CD 2
1. Get Started (previously released on the “green band” edition)
2. Nothing For Free (previously released on the “green band” edition)
3. Frank Sinatra’s Party
4. Sixty Second Street
5. Who Cares (full version)
6. Get Enough (previously released online on New Year’s Day)
7. Come On To Me (Live At Abbey Road Studios)
8. Fuh You (Live At The Cavern Club)
9. Confidante (Live At LIPA)
10. Who Cares (Live At Grand Central Station)

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