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Paul McCartney along with his daughter Stella honours her late mother, Linda with a vegetarian feast which has become their Christmas tradition. Linda and Paul met in the year 1967. She soon converted The Beatles singer to a vegetarian which initially seemed like a problem at Christmas because there was no turkey to carve.
Currently, the duo has a vegetarian roast made from mushroom duxelles straight from the vegetarian range of foods Linda launched in the year 1991. Stella still tries to keep her mum’s “legacy alive” each Christmas by making this special vegetarian roast. When asked about Paul’s thought on this particular topic he said, she was so ahead of her time. He also said that the cool thing about Linda is that she would challenge someone about eating meat, but she had this very charming way of doing it, so it never became an argument. Thus the fans are really happy to see the father-daughter honouring their beloved wife and mother respectively.


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