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Paul McCartney has revealed he is often tempted to “join in” with tourists posing on the zebra crossing made famous by The Beatles’ Abbey Road album.
Paul said: “Nowadays I drive past but you can’t get past — there’s people on it. I’ve often thought of just jumping out and joining in.”

He also admitted he did once stop there after a party. “I was coming back from a Halloween party and the crossing was empty and I had a werewolf mask on so I just went across and did a pose.”
His most recent studio album, 2018’s Egypt Station, was a hit around the world and Paul said he still loves to perform after a hugely successful career spanning six decades.
He told how he and Kanye West met up for secret recording sessions, which were a world away from how he used to write songs with Lennon.

While Paul and John would often sit nose-to-nose, each with a guitar in hand while working on a track, West’s method’s were “more cerebral”. “It was just talking and thinking and me plonking away a little bit”, he said. “And you record everything and he takes it away and kind of does stuff with it and just a month or so later, he sent back this record and it was Rihanna singing and so I had to ring up and sort of say ‘Am I on this? Did I have anything to do with it?’ I couldn’t tell!
“He said, ‘Yeah, what it is is, that’s you on guitar, so it’s all the chords and the musical idea’s yours, but we’ve sped it up to suit Rihanna’s key, musical key, so I did it in A so now it was up in D’.” “You can imagine the fun of that. So when you’re saying to me why do I do it, how do I do it, because it’s all that kind of fun. And if someone like Kanye’s going to ask me, then I’m going to show up.”

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