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Eddie Klein was a recording engineer who collaborated with Paul McCartney since the early 1980s. He helped to create the Hog Hill Mill Studios, the personal studio from Paul McCartney, and worked with him since then.
Former Abbey Road engineers Peter Vince and Eddie Klein sadly passed away in the last week. […] Eddie Klein worked at Abbey Road in the ’60s and then left to work at Apple’s studio in Savile Row. He later came back to Abbey Road in 1974, going on to work for @PaulMcCartney in the early 1980s and was still working for Paul until very recently. Our sincerest condolences go to their families and friends.⁣

Photo: Eddie Klein (seated) with George Harrison, Billy Preston, Klaus Voorman, Phil Spector, Ringo Starr and Gary Wright. ⁣

Paul said today on Facebook account:
“People often say “words cannot express” etc. and that is how I feel about Eddie. There were so many sides to his character that it seems impossible to mention all of them.

He was a loving man with a twinkling sense of humour and a love of good music. We would hug when we met and he would sometimes bow slightly and call me “my liege”. We go back many years and my first memories were in the studios and corridors of Abbey Road where he worked. We were the crazy artists experimenting with techniques and Eddie and his mates were the engineers who had to make it happen.

When he put my recording studio together, it was done with great expertise and I think the only person who knew what every fader and knob did was Eddie. When we talked music, as we often did, he would often sing in his rich baritone voice to remind me of the melody most people would have forgotten.

I love him for his wit, his skills and his loyalty. I will always remember him and the things we did together with great fondness. What a great man. But as I said at the beginning “words cannot express”.

Love you Ed,
From Paul

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