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  • Paul said it was ‘scary’ how much knife crime there is in the UK
  • He said his unnamed grandson regretted not thumping his attacker
  • But Paul said the worst thing you can do is react when a knife is pulled
  • He recalled a similar incident when he was young and his watch was stolen 

Paul has revealed one of his grandsons was mugged at knifepoint in London and said it is ‘scary’ how much knife crime there is at the moment.He did not identify which grandson had their phone stolen in the attack but advised not to react if a knife is pulled on you.

He told The Times: ‘In London, one of my grandkids, one of my older grandkids, was mugged and got his phone taken.’He was saying the worst thing was that he should have just thumped the guy; he came back and felt a coward.
‘I said: “No, no, no, no! The guy had a knife and you don’t know, the guy might be able to use that knife”. So it is scary these days.’
It comes amid a crime wave in London which has seen 92 murders this year as politicians and police struggle to deal with knife crime in what has been labelled ‘Wild West’ Britain.
Paul then recalled an incident from his youth when four men crowded around him and stole his watch.

McCartney, who has four grandchildren by daughter Mary and another four by daughter Stella, preached kindness and love and said each generation faces its own dangers.



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