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Paul McCartney has spoken about the first time he met John Lennon and reveals how he reflects on the moment ‘like a fan’ and tells ‘how lucky’ he was to meet him.
He revealed how the the pair ‘complemented each other’ after he was introduced to John, aged 16, on July 6 1957, in Liverpool.

Paul spoke to Sean Ono Lennon, 44, the son of John and Yoko Ono, for a two-part documentary on BBC Radio 2, to mark John Lennon At 80.

Speaking about his memories of meeting John, Paul said: ‘I look back on it now like a fan, how lucky was I to meet this strange teddy boy off the bus, who played music like I did and we get together and boy, we complemented each other!’
However Paul revealed that ‘there were a few songs that weren’t very good’ during his writing partnership with John.

He added: ‘There were a few songs that weren’t very good… you know, clearly young songwriters who don’t know how to do it’.
Paul picked up his guitar during the interview and played an example of a Lennon-McCartney track called Just Fun which they never recorded.

‘Eventually, we started to write slightly better songs and then enjoyed the process of learning together so much that it really took off,’ he continued.

Speaking about the Let It Be period, Paul revealed that he always believed it was a gloomy time until he saw a picture taken by his late wife Linda that reminded him of the strength of their friendship.
Paul also spoke candidly about John’s insecurities and revealed that his confidence was a ‘shield’.
He said: ‘Wait a minute, there’s this guy ‘John Lennon’ who’s like a genius, clever, witty, confident, and everything why would he have insecurities? Because we’re all fragile beings.’

Sean also spoke with his godfather Elton John who revealed that he cycled eight miles to buy a copy of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band in Hatch End, North West London.
Elton, who performed with John in Madison Square Garden in what was to be his final live gig appearance, said: ‘When I met your Dad I felt like I’d known him all my life and that’s the biggest compliment I can pay him.’

The two-part documentary hosted by his youngest son Sean is to mark what would have been John Lennon’s 80th birthday on Friday 9 October.
John Lennon At 80 will broadcast on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th October, 9-10pm on BBC Radio 2.

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