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A busker was left “absolutely speechless” after a man who dropped money in her guitar case outside a busy London station turned out to be Paul McCartney.

Charlotte Campbell was singing outside Charing Cross station when a passer-by stopped to listen to her singing one of her own songs.

It was only when Paul dropped some coins into her case that she looked up and realised the Beatles legend was standing in front of her.

The full-time musician, 30, was “absolutely speechless” at first but managed to utter “thanks Paul” as he turned away.

The singer was playing a song she had created herself when the musician walked by (Charlotte Campbell)

She then sang one of his hit songs “I want to Hold Your Hand”, to which Paul turned around and gave her a smile and a thumbs up.

Ms Campbell said she almost fainted after the encounter and told the Standard: “When he looked up it was Paul McCartney, like actually Paul McCartney and I was so shocked because I am such a huge fan of the Beatles.

“They are such an inspiration I think to any musician ever – the Beatles are the ultimate – and to see Paul McCartney and for him to be putting money in my guitar case I was so speechless.

“I couldn’t even speak – it ran though my head all the things I could say and all I managed to say was ‘aw thanks Paul’.”

The busker said her reply was “not ideal” and there were lots of other things she wished she had said, but the icon probably already knows he is an inspiration to lots of people.

“As he was walking away I was starting my next song so I picked a Beatle’s song ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand’ and I watched him as he was walking away and he turned back and smiled and he gave me two thumbs up, put his hands right up in the air,” she recalled.

“I take that as such a compliment. Obviously I wish that I had said to him that he is an inspiration, that I play so many of his songs, that I love so many of his songs that I have grown up listening to his music but I also know that he has probably heard that a millions time before.”

She added: “Everyone lovers Paul McCartney you know, who doesn’t Love Paul McCartney – like he must know he is a musical icon.

“But to be honest I am kind of just happy that he got to hear me play one of my own songs which he dropped the money in for and then one of his songs – I felt like that in itself was a musical conversation and I was really happy with it.”

Ms Campbell said the experience was a special moment in her life and she was grateful that the star took the time to stop.

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