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Uncut: Paul McCartney – January 2021
With a new solo album out soon, the former Beatle reveals the humility of the man behind the music legend.

Uncut’s Review Of The Year, for instance – which occupies 35 pages in this month’s issue. Within it, you’ll find a pretty amazing exclusive interview with Paul McCartney.

As you’ll know, McCartney has a history of opening up a new decade with an act of musical reinvention – and 2020 is no exception, as he reveals McCartney III in depth in the pages of Uncut.

There are other revelations ahead – we learn, for instance, that he still mentally consults John when he hits an obstacle during songwriting – the reflective, grateful-for-a-good-life tone that runs through the interview.

There’s a swathe of lovely, unseen photos, too. Inside you’ll find an exclusive Paul McCartney Collector’s Cover and free CD rounding up 15 best tracks from 2020.

There is also a bespoke McCartney scrapbook that brings together rarely seen pieces from 1970, taken from the pages of Melody Maker, NME and Disc And Music Echo, as well as Paul’s famous Q&A that accompanied the release of the first McCartney album.

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