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By Posted on 0 16

Paul taught Stormzy how to play the piano.

Paul was asked for advice by the grime star on how to improve his musicianship, so he gave him a “basic” lesson. He said: “Stormzy asked for advice. He’s looking to advance his music.
“As a rapper, I thought he’d have words down, but there was a piano, so I showed him basic stuff — how you get middle C, make a chord, a triad and, just by moving that, get D minor, E minor, F, G, A minor, and how that’s enough for anyone.”

About his years in the music industry, Paul has never grown tired of his career: he said: “It’s never got to be like a job. I love it. You sit down and there’s a black hole you pull something out of. Little things, chords, planets. And then you’ve got something, where there was nothing.”


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